Sonraya Grace

Client testimonials

‘Beautiful women, honest, raw and open.  Sonraya is so gracious providing the safe space.  Magnificent energy.  Feeling open, alive and willing to receive.  Highly recommend.’ Donna

‘Thank you for creating sacred Goddess space in which we have been able to learn, share and grow.  Love and Goddess blessings’ Clare

Sonraya creates a beautiful space for healing and self-expression. The Spring Goddess Retreat was a lovely experience. Thank you. Tracy


During the past six months I have had the privilege to enjoy and benefit from Sonraya’s healing.  Being a student of the College of Healing, my commitment was to receive healing once a month. The discovery of Sonraya’s expertise has been an extraordinary journey, which I had not anticipated.  I have explored many avenues relating to delicate childhood issues, unveiled deeply hidden emotions which were unconsciously denied. Sonraya specialises is Shamanism and she has utilised this to help this further exploration in a safe way. The healing process was conducted intuitively towards a progressive emergence of these embedded feelings in a nurturing and secure environment.  This self-discovery generated some gradual improvement in my personal responses to events, in my response towards other people and above all in my self-acceptance which permits me to celebrate my own identity and destiny.  I continue to see Sonraya and I look forward to each session as it is for me a wonderful resting point, a brilliant opportunity to open my mind, to be listened to and to receive strength and support through her healing. Francoise, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist


“Your healing session brought me bright lights and made me feel calm and clean as if a rebirth was beginning deep, inside of me.  It has given me inner strength to continue and set a foundation to start rebuilding my life and help to focus on the important things in life.  Thank you for your kindness, patience, honesty and love that shone with each word and action.  You and your work are magnificent – thank you.”
Chris, Music Therapist for Disabled Adults


“Sonraya helped me find the person I always was.  The person I lost through grief and anxiety.  Sonraya held the space to allow me to flow in my natural rhythm of life, to feel settled and complete.” (Shamanic journeys)


“After trying many different therapies spending time and money, I still found myself searching for who I was, as I felt very lost on this earthly world. I decided to see Sonraya and go on a shamanic journey to connect to my Soul on a level which I had never done before.  I dedicated my time to a number of sessions over a long period to work through the layers of self-discovery, to understand the patterns I had been repeating, and find my true self.  Through the Shamanic journeys with Sonraya I gained understanding and an acceptance of who I was and healed old patterns and beliefs, all of which have given me amazing personal growth, happiness and an understanding of my own Soul’s journey. Sonraya is the most amazing therapist and has a wonderful talent for healing, I feel so blessed to have met her on my path.  Sonraya makes you feel safe and cocoons you with love. I would rate Sonraya a five star therapist who gives you support through every step of your journey.  If you are willing to commit to life changing work to find your true soul potential, it has amazing results.”


“I experienced a warm holding environment where I was able to explore my feelings, to find acceptance and a sense of release. I loved the flexibility of the sessions and I experienced a sense of calm and peace after the lying down healing. I liked Sonraya’s gentleness, calm, her non-judgemental presence, her ability to be empathic and to hold the focus, her honesty and kindness and warmth.”


“The healing treatment you gave me made me feel calm, relaxed and sleepy.  I felt light as if I was floating in mid-air.  I felt protected by the blue bubble.  It made me feel safe and warm.  It made me feel strong and more confident and now I feel I can start to cope again.  Thank you and big hugs.”
Jay, Aged 8 years


“During my pregnancy I came into contact with Sonraya purely by chance. The healing felt very relaxing and helped me find more calmness in my world. It was important to give myself the space to be free of everything else and focus for a short time on the ‘inner’ world. Sonraya definitely has a loving, caring Soul within to connect and guide you. I have made it into motherhood and now have a beautiful boy.

Sonraya is one of those rare people you consider yourself fortunate to meet ‘once in a lifetime’. I cannot recommend Sonraya’s gifts and abilities highly enough to you and I know that you will find connecting with her a positive and life-enhancing experience, as well as an absolute joy!
Jan Jordyn