‘A Call to Power – Birth Your Sacred Feminine’ is a powerful, experiential journey over 9 months from November 2018 to July 2019

The programme runs each year for a new group of women who are completely committed to transforming their lives.

 It is designed specifically for you to unveil your unique power, wisdom and beauty as a woman.

Please watch this video and read on for more information about the 9 Month Programme.

This year’s programme starts in November 2018.

I am so excited to be offering this now.

I am passionate about helping you to embrace your sacred feminine as a powerful pathway to realising and living your true potential as a woman.

  • "The Programme has allowed me to come in to my power as a woman knowing what that means to me personally and for women worldwide. Thank you for a wonderful 9 Months and a fabulous Retreat – for all the work you put in to making these times so special and meaningful."

    Tara Sacred Feminine 9 Month Programme Attendee
  • Are you a woman searching for something more in your life?  
  • Do you feel like something is missing and feel stuck, unable to express your true self for fear of judgement?
  • Do you tend to put others needs before your own which leaves you feeling tired, unloved and undervalued?  
  • Are you ready to really embrace your feminine wisdom and power and step forward to be the difference you seek in the world?
  • You know you deserve more and that it is time for change.  You know there is so much more of you to love and express.  You are ready to dive deep to discover and reclaim who you truly are.

I know how you feel for I have been there too.

Embracing your feminine potential could powerfully transform your life, just like it has for me.  This Programme is the culmination of 20 years of my own personal and spiritual journey and the wisdom of empowering other women.

woman inhaling scent of dew

What is the Sacred Feminine?

The Sacred Feminine is the energy within us and the Universe which creates life itself.

The qualities of unconditional love, compassion, beauty, wisdom, power, kindness, gentleness, nurturing, forgiving, intuitive, receptive, creative, passionate, sensual and wild represent the sacred feminine.

deep pink rose bloom

What does the Sacred Feminine programme involve?

The Programme will consist of:

  • Eight full day workshops, monthly on a Saturday in a beautiful venue in the countryside Farnham, near, Blandford, Dorset.
  • A full two night residential weekend in late June, in the mystical centre of Glastonbury and Avebury.
  • Three One-to-One Healing/Shamanic Journey Transformational Sessions with Sonraya in Poole, Dorset.


  • Online support with a Private Facebook Group with inspiration and support from Sonraya and your soul sisters.
  • A Workbook covering the Workshop modules that you will want to treasure in years to come.

This is limited to a select number of women, a maximum of 6, who are ready and willing to commit to change and transform their lives and who would value being part of an amazing group of soul sisters.

In this size group you will receive personal attention and support to nurture your unfolding but it does mean it is only open to a few women.

So if this Programme calls to you I wouldn’t want you to miss out.


Half Day Workshop Women Circles: 2-5pm

  • Next dates to be released soon.

Your Investment into the Programme

Your Total Investment is £2,250.  

Early Bird Discount of £150 available until 30 October.

Payment Plan available. Non-refundable Deposit of £250. Affordable Monthly Payments available. Balance by 1 May 2019.

Just think how much personal value you are investing in yourself, something you can’t ever purchase over the counter.

This is an inside job and creating sustained inner change requires time and loving support.

To discuss the programme and how you’ll benefit, please book your call with me today and let’s see if we work well together.

Contact me to arrange a convenient time.

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