Sonraya Grace

Cave of Elders



Woman’s Retreat Day


Poole, Dorset


Remembrance Day – It’s time to remember YOU!


FRIDAY 11TH NOVEMBER  10 am – 4.30 pm in Poole

Cave of Elders - 11th November, Poole, Dorset

Are you a woman who would love to feel more in your feminine flow, more receptive, in tune with your natural rhythm?

You know already that you need to spend quality time with yourself but struggle to always find time in your busy life. 

Are you ready to dive deep to experience more of your true essence?

I warmly invite you to take a day out from your busy schedule, to gift to yourself, this time and space, to bathe in Divine Love and Grace, to rest and be deeply nourished, to heal and let go.

The Cosmic Divine Mother and the ancient wise Grandmothers of All time are calling you home.  They welcome you in to their arms, to sit, to receive and to be deeply nourished, allowing all resistance to Love to fall away as you come back to your beautiful, authentic self. 

Autumn is a Yin time, a deeply feminine time, to withdraw within and feel again the pulse of life that is slow, restful, regenerative, and receptive.  Deep within the folds of the Grandmother’s skirts you will receive their ancient wisdom, healing and supporting you to come home to a place of deep remembrance and ancient knowing within.  Here you will connect to all life and your feminine creative power from which all flows.

You will benefit from:


  • Journeying to gently allow any old patterns and stuck energies to gently fall away and be transformed with Love
  • Healing the Mother ancestral lines to bring peace, balance and freedom to you and your ancestors
  • Deeply resting and nourishing the self within this healing space
  • Sharing with your like minded Sisters in community and heartfelt connection
  • Beautiful meditations to guide you home to inner peace along with shamanic journeys with the drum to connect with your inner wisdom and power
  • Simple ritual and ceremony to bring beauty, connection and sacred meaning to your life. This will include a Fire Ceremony.


‘A wonderful enriching experience bringing to attention the unexpected in a beautiful and peaceful way.  Thank you Sonraya’ HS Nov 2015

‘It was a deep, warm and profound delving in to oneself for the perspective of love and acceptance’ FG 2015

‘Creating a sacred space for a small intimate group of like-minded women’


£66.00 (£68.00 if paying via Paypal) includes a nourishing vegetarian lunch. 

Payment in full at time of booking, payable via bank transfer.

Venue: At Sonraya’s Home and Healing Sanctuary in Poole, Dorset BH14. Full address on application.

Sonraya is an Intuitive Healer, Alchemist and Teacher.  Her journey and purpose is to bring Heaven to Earth not only for herself but for those she is guided to help.

With over 18 years experience in the field of personal and spiritual development, as NLP Practitioner, Healer & Intuitive – Diploma with The College of Healing, High Priestess of the Goddess, Munai Ki Rites Initiate and Shamanic medicine, she weaves these together to create a unique healing process to help you experience more of your magnificence.

She holds a deeply, peaceful and loving space and skilfully shares her wisdom, compassion and understanding of the human condition and how to gracefully overcome your limitations so that you can connect more fully with your true essence and experience more peace and wisdom in the everyday.

Please contact Sonraya at [email protected] or 07802 769030 to enquire and book.

Payment in full at time of booking, payable via bank transfer or Paypal.  To book please contact Sonraya at
[email protected] or 07802 769030 and she will confirm with her bank details.

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You feel the call to develop a deep trust and connection with your true self and you are ready to dive deep within to reclaim your true authentic self to be born from the love, peace and wisdom that already resides deep within you.