Healing our Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine

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Do you find you often experience inner conflict with yourself, doubting what you really want and who you are?

Perhaps you experience disharmony in your external relationships, finding it difficult to stand up for what you want and your point of view.

Healing our Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine creates harmony and balance within and in our outer relationships too.

There is a deep healing and rebalancing of the Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine that is happening in the Collective consciousness right now.

As we move to the Spring Equinox on Saturday 20th, we are being urged to bring our Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine into balance. Anything that is a distortion of our Divine Truth and authentic nature, is coming to the surface to be healed and resolved so that we can come into rightful relationship and inner sacred union.

We may feel this within our own lives, within our own consciousness and certainly we are seeing this being played out in the world.

I feel this is all part of the preparation for us moving further into Unity consciousness and the New Earth energies we are birthing.

Personally, I have been going through a deep healing cycle with my Inner Masculine since the Autumn Equinox that is allowing me to reclaim more of my authentic Divine Masculine power and Solar light.  As we come to the balancing point once again at the Spring Equinox, I feel this healing is coming to some form of culmination and completion.  I have gained great insights from the healing of our Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine that I wish to share with you.

Why we need an authentic balance of the Masculine and Feminine consciousness?

The Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine need each other.  When they are in positive relationship within us, we feel like healthy, whole human beings and we hold healthy relationships with others.

The Divine Masculine within men and women is the energy that allows for protection, discernment, healing and a sense of deep safety and holding.

The Divine Feminine within men and women is the energy that brings love, compassion, creative life force and flow.

When they are in rightful balance and come into inner sacred union, we experience a natural alchemy and harmony in our Sacred Hearts, that allows us to be kind and loving to ourselves and to honour our true feelings, standing up for our truth and values, despite possible difficult circumstances.  There is an inner commitment to love and honour of the Divine Self.

Our Inner Masculine

When the Inner Masculine is authentic, he offers a strong protective presence to the Feminine, confidently leading the way for the Her creative energies to be expressed out in the world. He brings an authentic voice that stands up for their combined truth and values, creating strong and clear boundaries.

When the Inner Masculine is damaged or ‘wounded’ he may harbour doubt and fear and an inability to act with confidence, leading to wobbly boundaries and a fear of standing up for own truths. We might also feel that unless others have the same view as ours, we have no power and then we need to fight to dominate or manipulate others round to our perspective.

The Inner Masculine may also carry suppressed anger that is often misdirected at the Feminine and Mother archetype.  I believe this comes from a fear of abandonment from childhood and down the Father ancestral line, where they were expected to be strong at the expense of their own emotions and feelings.  It was not ok for them to show signs of vulnerability and tenderness as this was perceived as weak.  You may know men in your life who have or are going through serious health issues that cause them to feel fragile and vulnerable.  Perhaps this is helping them to come into balance with their Inner Feminine – giving space in their hearts for more self-compassion and love.

Our Inner Feminine

Equally, our Inner Feminine may have emotions of mistrust and fear of not feeling safe, born from experiences of the past.  The Feminine has had a history of partriarchal control, judgement, suppression, abuse and betrayal so it is not surprising that the Feminine consciousness is healing and rising right now, her voice now wanting to be heard. Our Earth Mother, an embodiment of the Feminine Creatrix is calling for a haromonious balance and union of the two, so that all life can live in harmony and respect for the whole.

Healing the Distortions

To heal and come into balance, we have to move to a place of forgiveness for there to be space in our hearts for a deeper love and inner union with Self.  By adjusting and healing our views of the Masculine, so the Feminine no longer sees Masculine energy as violent, aggressive and controlling, a profound healing shift can occur.

Our Masculine consciousness can heal and grow stronger through his relationship to the Inner Feminine within.  Through our Inner Feminine and her love for her Inner Masculine, she can help Him grow in strength and confidence, supporting him to understand his role and purpose.  She might choose to see him as tender, protective and a strong, stabilising inner force in her life.

Initially, our Inner Feminine may need more attention and healing at this time, so that she believes she is worthy and deserving of love.  She may have issues of past judgement and betrayal that need deep healing before she can accept her Inner Masculine.  These often stem from our childhood experiences and beliefs set up from then, as well as past lives where we have felt judged and persecuted.

Renewing our sense of  self-belief and inner confidence become the fuel that sparks Her creative and powerful life force, allowing us to flow freely and without judgement.

If any of the above resonates with you, you may find your Inner Feminine and/or Inner Masculine including the Inner Child, is in need of some healing and restoration.

What steps can we take to heal our Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine?

Bringing our attention to our hearts, breathing and inviting those places within us, that are distorted, damaged or hurt, to come to rest in our loving heart, can be deeply healing. The heart is our chalice for alchemy and transformation.  Through our hearts love and compassion, we can transform difficult experiences with greater ease.

For the change we seek on the outside, we need to come back inside ourselves, for this is where the true transformation in our relationships begin.  If we feel triggered by life’s events, then honouring our feelings is important. Equally, we need to take responsibility for our own experience, drawing upon our curious and compassionate self, to discover  the underlying source of our hurt and pain.  Self-awareness is the first step to healing ourselves then we can move on to deeply healing and reframing the experiences so we can let go and eventually move on.

This is a healing journey that takes time, patience and dedicated love to Self.

Do you need love and holding in a safe, sacred space?

Then please do join me at one or both of my Events this week:

EVENT– Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine

Thursday 18 March 7.30 – 9.30 pm Online, £20  Women’s Sacred Circle

If you would like to be part of my Healing circle this Thursday 18 March 7.30 -9.30pm I would love to see you there.  I will be holding a safe and loving space to help you begin or continue the healing of your Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine.

Please see the full Event details here and drop me an email if you would like to Book.

I am deeply passionate about this healing work as something I have and continue to benefit from. I want to help reach more women to feel the healing powers of Divine Grace to help transform your inner conflicts and difficult experiences. If you know of a female friend who you think would benefit from a beautiful healing experience, then please feel free to forward this to them.

EVENT – Spring Equinox Celebration and Rebalance

Sunday 21 March 7.30 – 9 pm Oneline, £12.  Both men and women are welcome.

Details are on my Facebook Page Sonraya Grace



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