The Benefits of Shamanic Drumming

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Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of shamanic drumming?

Discover why ancient shamans drummed and how you can benefit today.

When we beat a drum we actively connect with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. This is why our ancient shamans drummed.

The rhythmical beating of a drum is one of the oldest practices of humankind. The beat of the first drum perhaps reminded our distant ancestors of that very first rhythm we heard, the comforting heartbeat, of our deep connection to the body of our mother, and to Earth itself. This is one of the key benefits of shamanic drumming.  The drum is considered a powerful tool of empowerment for women as it connects us to our great Mother.

My personal experience of drumming consists of a powerful wave of energy and life force that comes up through my root chakra.  I often feel intense feelings of warmth traveling up my legs and torso.  I feel alive with my passion and my heart opens with joy, sharing the Earth’s love and vibrancy.   I feel rooted and grounded which gives me a fantastic feeling of stability.

The Shamans in ancient times knew this and would use drumming to enter an altered state of consciousness.  They connected with Great Spirit to achieve greater heights of self-awareness and consciousness.

Here are just some of the key benefits of drumming.

7 Key benefits of drumming

  1. Helps our brainwaves shift from Beta to Alpha rhythm creating a general feeling of relaxation and well being.
  2. Quietens our minds, helping to relax and deepen our breath.  This helps us reconnect with our natural body wisdom.
  3. Brings us in to rhythmic balance as it connects the neuro-pathways between our left and right hemispheres of our brain.
  4. Reduces anxiety and helps release old energy that has become blocked in our body and energy system.  This allows us to receive deep healing and transformation.
  5. Neurologist Barry Bittman, M.D. led studies on the potential benefits of drumming. Results show that participating in drumming circles helps to fortify and increase natural killer T cells that fight cancer and viruses such as AIDS therefore boosting our immune systems.
  6. Drumming helps us open to Great Spirit and the infinite Universal wisdom that is all around us.  Through this inspiration we are offered new ways of dealing with life’s problems.
  7. We heal and awaken to higher vibrations of love and Light whilst rooted deep in to the Earth for stability.

In these times of change and uncertainty the beat of the drum calls us home.

Mother Earth is waiting to embrace, nourish and empower us to remember our true nature.  She is here to help awaken the truth of our soul’s deepest calling.

Through shamanic drumming and journeying we connect to Great Spirit.  We feel strengthened as our spirit guides surround our hearts with love.  This helps us feel courageous, having faith and trust in who we truly are and the bigger picture.


Want to start drumming?

How about joining our new Shamanic Power Drum Circle for Women in Poole?

This is an opportunity to find your own beat and rhythm in a gentle relaxed way whilst also receiving a guided shamanic drum journey for your own healing.  You receive the benefits of both worlds.



Starting 11 November 2020.

Drum circles for Women help us anchor our roots deep in to the Earth, to strengthen our inner power and move forward with greater purpose and clarity.


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