Sonraya Grace

Gratitude Despachio Ceremony

Tuesday 8th August 2017 6.30 – 9.30 pm (approx.)

‘If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough’

Meister Eckhart

Sonraya Grace - Gratitude Despachio Ceremony

On the 8th day of the 8 month, I warmly invite you to join me in sacred space to perform a Gratitude Despachio Ceremony – an offering of gratitude to the Earth – for all that we have been given and all that we are grateful for in our lives.

The beginning of August is typically the time in the wheel of the year when we give thanks for the abundance in our lives as we witness and bear fruit to our first harvest – the corn and grain harvests. This is celebrated as Lammas.

Saying thank you and honoring things as they are is a powerful way to connect to the web of creation and the power of what the Andean Shamans refer to as "Ayni" or right relationship. The Despachio ceremony is offered to promote fertility, abundance, good health and wellbeing.

The Despacho – meaning a ‘shipment’, is a gift to Spirit and Mother Earth, Pachamama, and is a ritual of energetic exchange for healing, establishing right relationship and protection. The ceremony is simple yet beautiful and sacred. We each say thank you many times and for as much as we can think of, filling yourself up with the energy of gratitude.

When we experience deep gratitude for what is, accept the simplest of things as little miracles, we raise our vibration and we become all that we are, without desire or attachment and we come to a place of peace and harmony with all things. In my experience a Despachio Ceremony is a deeply nourishing, loving and a humbling experience and assures the continual flow of abundance in our lives.

The Despachio Ceremony involves

- Creating sacred space. We will start with a Meditation to ground and connect and open up the sacred space to the Four Directions.

- We will lay a large piece of paper on the floor and make our offerings one at a time with an individual prayer of thanksgiving. This is not to be rushed in order for you to drink in the full sacredness of this act, creating a strong partnership with the spirits and creation itself.

- Gifts include such things as sugar – the sweetness of life, rice and oatmeal – the abundance and sustenance of life, herbs for healing and chocolate – Mother Earth, Pachamama, loves chocolate. Your gift can be anything that resonates with you and what meaning it has in your life.

- Once we have layered our gifts with prayer, using our breath or song to breathe over our intention in to the Despachio, it is folded over and tied in to a bundle

- The bundle with all the love and prayers contained within it is then used for personal healing within the group before we gift the Despachio to the Earth.

- The Despachio is ceremonially burnt as an offering to Mother Earth and the Spirits. This is typically done with our backs to the fire as a way to honour the spirits.

Gratitude Despachio Ceremony

What to bring?

I will provide the rice and oatmeal and I will bring some flowers to share. Please bring what you feel drawn to bring as long as it is natural. Here is list of possible things you might like to bring: – sweet cake, chocolate, flowers, herbs, fruit, dried fruit, and honey and suck like.

Anything that doesn’t burn so easily will be buried in the Earth. What we each bring can be shared unless it is especially personal to you.

Bring Flowers


You may like to prepare by having a Gratitude Journal and writing in it each day for a week leading up to our special ceremony so that you are already carrying this energy and awareness in your heart.

The timing of this event coincides with the day after the Full Moon on 7th August, together with a powerful portal, the Lions gate, that peaks on the 8th of August every year. The Lion gate is known to open 23 July when we enter the fiery sign of Leo and runs to around 22 August.

During this time there is an outpouring of Light from the Star Sirius that is closest to the Earth at this time.

The energy of the Royal Lions, help us to embrace our courageous self and move forward with balance and self-confidence. So this gathering is set to be a powerful one!


This will be at my home in Poole.

I hope to do this in our garden under our beautiful Apple tree, if the evening is warm and welcoming. If not we will do this inside.

Refreshments and nibbles will be on offer.

Exchange: £30 per person payable in advance

Limited numbers: max 8

Please book early by sending me an email at [email protected]