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Fire Ceremony for Full Moon

The Full Moon offers us the opportunity to complete on cycles, inner cycles and patterns and emotions that no longer serve us, sometimes ones that were started many years ago.

This Fire Ceremony video shows you how you too can use the alchemical powers of Fire to transform and transmute dense energy held in your chakras and auric field. Done at the time leading up to or on or just after the Full Moon allows you to maximise this opportunity to clear and let go.

It’s really simple and requires no prior experience. There is no right or wrong. Just go with your own flow and create something personal and meaningful to you.

The Full Moon governs the ebb and flow of the tides. It not only has a powerful effect on the Earth’s rhythms but not surprisingly on our own moods and energy because we are also made up of over 70% of water.

When at its fullest, the Moon has the power to magnify our emotions, affect our mood swings, our sleep patterns, hormone levels and overall energy levels. Highly Sensitive people may experience heightened physical symptoms such as headaches, aches and pains, emotional sensitivity, heaviness, sleeplessness, vivid dreams and heightened psychic awareness.

Being someone who is continually in tune with the Moon’s energies, I have found it has greatly benefitted me to use its power in simple ritual and ceremony to support my personal journey and growth.

If you require any help and support on your personal journey, I am here to help you. Please get in touch via email office@sonrayagrace.com or 07802 769030 to discuss how I may best help you.

Client Testimonials

  • I found all of your free meditations very easy to listen to and loved that they were not too long, so that I could practice them regularly without feeling overwhelmed and time restricted. You have a very soothing voice and a joy to listen to, when trying to switch off and meditate. I particularly loved the 'Sacred Feminine' and 'Dark Mother meditations,' as I personally felt I achieved more from them, though the others are exceptional too. I look forward to seeing what other meditations you have to offer in time.

    Caroline Baker
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