When life gets too busy and stressful we need to find a way of connecting back with our centre. 

All the resources you need are within you and are available when you connect in with your Higher Self, your spiritual intelligence and you are rooted with Mother Earth.

I offer a range of meditations below to help you connect.  They are available to buy and keep for regular use.

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12:12 Soul Alignment – Guided Healing Meditation & Transmission

soul alignment meditation illustration

Running time: 45 minutes / Cost: £12

In this age of continual change it is important to align our selves with the highest frequencies of love, to stay positive centred and aligned to our highest truth. But how to achieve this?

This is a gentle yet powerful meditation that guides you through all the chakras and to connect with your Earth Star, Soul Star, Stellar Gateway and Source to cleanse, awaken and unify.

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