12:12 Soul Alignment – Guided Healing Meditation & Transmission

In this age of continual change it is important to align our selves with the highest frequencies of love, so that we can embody and express more of our divine truth and inspiration.

There are particular times when we can connect with portals of light when we can receive powerful light codes and guidance to further clarify our soul mission on Earth.  12 December is one of these, representing the power of 3, the Holy Trinity, Mother Father God and Mind, Body and Spirit.  Number 3 is also the numerology of the year 2019.

In this Guided Healing Meditation and Transmission that I recorded on 12.12.18, you are connected deeply with the Gaia Consciousness of the Earth and yours and my Spiritual Teams to awaken and align you to a higher level of truth and light that you are now ready to receive.

This is a gentle yet powerful meditation that guides you through all the chakras, including your Earth Star, Soul Star, Stellar Gateway and Source to cleanse, awaken and unify.  Your heart will feel more expansive as your chakras unify above and below, allowing you to attract more positive experiences to you. You will connect with your Spiritual team who will work with you to make any adjustments and upgrades to your Light Body/Merkabah.

How you will benefit

  • A Guided Meditation and Healing Transmission to connect you with the 12:12 Light Portal to receive healing and light codings for the next phase of your journey
  • Deeply connect and anchor your light with Gaia and feel her love and support so you can embody more soul on Earth
  • Clear any old programming, limitations and emotions in your chakras that doesn’t align with your highest truth at this time
  • Connect with your spiritual team for healing and to receive their love and guidance
  • Connect with your Starseed and feel the love and oneness of who you truly are
  • Anchor this new light in your Merkabah/Light Body and receive any necessary adjustments to upgrade your energy system.

It is beneficial to listen to this meditation again and again, each time helping you to stay clear, positive and expansive and embodying more of your light in your daily life.


You are responsible for seeking medical advice when it is appropriate and that this guided meditation in no way replaces that or guarantees any change in health or wellbeing.

soul alignment meditation illustration

12:12 Soul Alignment
Guided Meditation MP3
from Sonraya Grace

Running time: 45 minutes / Cost: £12


(After paying you will be taken to a webpage to download your meditation file in MP3 format.)

Practical tips

  • Make sure you allow enough time to fully benefit from this meditation
  • Listen where you will not be disturbed in a relaxed environment (DO NOT LISTEN while you are driving or operating any equipment)
  • You may like to set some intentions around what you would like help with, or what you wish to let go of during the healing meditation
  • Drink plenty of water afterwards to flush out any toxins
  • Make sure you are fully grounded and in your body after the meditation and before you go about your daily business.
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