Breakthrough to Radiance is your unique journey of transformation dedicated to you, to create that huge shift in your relationship with yourself and your life. You will receive ongoing support and guidance along with hi-vibrational energy healing and feminine embodiment practices that will positively transform your life with grace and ease.

More and more people are experiencing intense change in their life either through a relationship breakup, a change in career or health scare or warning or are becoming so dissatisfied with their life that they are looking and seeking something more.

This is not a change that can be fulfilled from the outside but an inside job where we each need to take responsibility for our journey and look within to heal and release old patterns, beliefs that cause stress so that you feel free to move forwards and create a new life that is in keeping with your highest truth.

As a woman you can go through a myriad of changes in your life that can be extremely unsettling and challenging. With my grounded wisdom and loving heart let me help you find your rock and foundation and your inner power to move forward with a trusting and peaceful heart.

Come to a place of love and self-acceptance and from this place of inner sanctum and safety you will open and expand your heart, stand in your true power and radiance and be able to move forwards in your life.

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Would you love to create a major breakthrough in your life that is both graceful and sustainable?

Do you wish to embody more heart and soul in your daily life?

Or perhaps you are going through huge changes and need a safe, wise heart to hold you whilst helping you navigate the emotional currents and challenges?

You will be guided to:

  • Focus on your biggest challenges and your desired outcomes
  • Get to the root of the issue
  • Gracefully transform limiting patterns, beliefs and emotions that may have been passed down your ancestral mother and father line
  • Clear past lives that block your self-worth and self-expression
  • Retrieve any lost soul parts and integrate
  • Work at your pace and find your own natural rhythm and Soul ‘note’
  • Bring more of your soul essence in to your physical body so that you experience more peace, love, inner confidence and strength to manifest your desired life purpose
  • Feel more connected to your feminine intuition and knowing through a deepening of your connection with your womb wisdom.  Experience womb healing and feminine embodiment practices to support your inner journey of embodiment.
  • Balancing your divine feminine and divine masculine qualities bringing greater harmony and balance in all your relationships.
  • Experience a transformational process over a 12 week period and beyond whilst held within the hi-vibrational frequency of Divine Love and Grace
  • Have access to my 20 years plus experience and wealth of wisdom and guidance that holds you safely, with unconditional love over this 12 week journey.

What’s Included:

  • 6 x 90 hours shamanic soul journey/healing sessions taken over a 12 -14 week period, roughly every 2/3 weeks
  • Face to face in Poole (currently only available on Zoom or over telephone) these are equally powerful and effective as face to face
  • Two guided meditations (audio/video) downloadable to keep and use as a resource to nourish and embody your feminine power
  • Weekly email and energetic support between sessions to ‘hold’ you in a perfect healing space throughout your 12 week healing journey
  • Pre and post follow-up consultation over the telephone or Zoom to get clear of your outcomes and to review and integrate your healing journey at the end (approx. 30 minutes each)


  • Gain clarity and understanding of your soul’s journey
  • Release limiting energetic ties with the past that have kept you stuck, allowing new opportunities and inspiration to enter your life
  • Release stuck energy – release toxic or limiting relationships and come to a place of compassion and forgiveness
  • Open to receive more love, support and magic
  • Develop a more grounded presence which develops a strong foundation and springboard from which to rebuild your life
  • Receive a safe and loving container whilst you go through huge changes in your life helping you to process and heal grief, sadness, hurt, anger and transform fear.
  • Experience a rebirth of your former self bringing clarity, balance and peace.

Your Investment


Payable in full in advance.

Payment options are available upon request, such as two instalments of £555.50 (Terms and conditions apply).

First Payment payable in advance of 1st session secures your commitment to the Journey (non-refundable). The balance is due two weeks before third session or at 4 weeks from the start of the Journey, whichever is earliest.

Payable via bank transfer or Paypal (Paypal fees may apply)

Book your free 30 minute Personal Consultation now

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When we’ve spoken by phone and you’re ready to go ahead with booking the Programme, please pay either in full or your £555 deposit using the Paypal Button below or if you prefer contact me for my bank account details.

Payment Options
Sonraya Grace, Rainbow Light Weaver and Spiritual Teacher and

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