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Various packages – see below for details

In ancient times the sacred feminine was revered in society as the source of Creation. There was a balance and unity between all people. As the patriachial rule came in to force the sacred feminine was seen as a power to be feared and controlled. She was punished, ridiculed, suppressed, devalued and not recognised or seen. This scar is held in the psyche of all women whether consciously felt or not.

In recent years that has been a re-emergence and now she is rising. She exists within every woman and man and is the source of Creation and is of the Earth and Moon. She wants to be heard. She needs to be seen. Women are coming together to empower and support each other.

  • Let me hold the space of unconditional love and guide you back to your heart
  • I will hold your hand as you go deeper to understand and embrace your shadow I will help you move beyond your blocks and resistance, to heal past trauma and to transform untruths.
  • I will celebrate with you as you rediscover your inner joy and brilliance and come in to full blossom as a woman.
  • One to one sessions work at your pace, your rhythm and needs. It can include Intuitive Healing Session, Shamanic Journey work with or without the drum, Goddess ritual and ceremony, Womb Healing, rites of passage.

Specific issues to be addressed:

  • Creating clear boundaries for yourself
  • Helping you to say no and put your needs first
  • Letting go of patterns of guilt and unworthiness
  • Find confidence in your voice to be seen and heard
  • Entangling toxic relationships with family, partners, siblings, friends, work colleagues and developing harmony and balance
  • Healing ancestral patterns from your Mother and Father lineage that you have chosen at a Soul level to come in and clear
  • Healing your inner child, awakening your innocent and magical child and Inner Maiden
  • Deeply connect with your feminine wisdom and knowing and learn to trust
  • Awaken the power, passion and sexual energies held in your sacral
  • Confidently express your power and creativity
  • Explore your relationship between your inner feminine and inner masculine – coming in to sacred union within.

Packages and Costs

90 minutes to 2 hours – £133 -£150

  • 3 Sessions – ideally taken over a 6 week period.
  • 6 sessions over a 12-14 week period

With email support as required.

Please contact me for a free 30 minute Consultation to see how I can best help you and create your own unique package.

I also offer a 3-Month Breakthrough to Radiance programme

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90 Minutes

Nourish and Heal – Autumn/Winter
Awaken Your Dreams– Springtime
Sacred Union – Early Summer
Full Bloom – Summer

As we work together through a season our work will be supported by the rhythm and cycles of the Earth, and the Moon cycles helping you to establish a perfect flow and balance in your life.

Intentions are set at the beginning of the Moon cycle, reviewing and letting go at the Full Moon before we cycle through again.

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