In a Shamanic Journey you are guided by the beat of the drum to connect you back to your spirit and vital life force, to bring peace, balance and harmony.  We journey together connecting with your Spirit guides and Power Animals who come to offer their guidance, their wisdom and gifts.  You are empowered to understand the life lessons that are being presented, to view things from a higher perspective, to make new choices and together with your Guides, receive deep healing and nourishment for any situation that needs resolving, extracting heavy energy where needed.

This is a deep and powerful process that will help you get to the root cause of disease and imbalance allowing you to free your spirit and move forwards in your life.

My own journey with shamanism has taken me in to some deep places for healing which has provided an amazing opportunity for growth.

I specialise in working with Ancestral healing, healing the wounds of the Mother and Father ancestral lineage and bringing through their ancient wisdom and stories.

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“Feel the call of the drumbeat take you home”

Sonraya Grace with shamanic rattle


2hrs session (first session) – £150

90 mins – £133

Book now £133.00
90 Minutes

What is involved in a Shamanic Soul Journey session?

Relax while I channel the universal energies. I guide you to a beautiful, sacred space within nature where we begin our journey.

I may use my shamanic rattle or drum to help you journey to different realms and to create change, movement and to retrieve lost soul parts

With your guides and my healing team we work with the issues you come with or what presents itself during the healing journey

Old energies are extracted and released and your energy field is transformed bringing in more light

Depending on what is needed we may journey/travel to the unconscious landscape or we may move up to the higher consciousness for inspiration and higher guidance

Healing and transformation occurs and is integrated back in to your energy field so you feel lighter, balanced and grounded

Benefits of Shamanic Journeying

  • Taking part in a shamanic soul journey gives you insight and understanding, helping to shift old belief patterns
  • Greater freedom, spontaneity, energy and vitality
  • Retrieving and awakening ancient gifts and wisdom and reintegrating them in to your energy field – giving you clarity and readiness to move forward
  • Opening to forgiveness bringing you more peace, self-love and acceptance
  • Relationships with self and others naturally transform in positive and unexpected ways as you understand the energy dynamics; ‘the bigger picture’
  • Some people experience a loss in weight where this has been an issue for them because their relationship with food/themselves has shifted
  • Cutting energetic ties with others that are limiting your potential allows you freedom to make new choices and express yourself more easily
  • Healing and awakening your feminine and masculine qualities so you can feel more in balance – facilitating the sacred marriage within
  • A deeper connection to the Earth to develop your strength and feeling of safety

Client Testimonials

  • “The shamanic drum journey had a profound effect on me and made me see a situation I had been emotionally wrestling with clarity and ultimately gave me strength and courage to make an important decision in my life - I am so grateful for this experience as I feel a weight has been lifted.  I always leave feeling at peace and an abundance of love. Thank you so much.”

  • "Sonraya helped me find the person I always was. The person I lost through grief and anxiety. Sonraya held the space to allow me to flow in my natural rhythm of life, to feel settled and complete."

  • “Through the Shamanic journeys with Sonraya I gained understanding and an acceptance of who I was and healed old patterns and beliefs, all of which have given me amazing personal growth, happiness and an understanding of my own Soul’s journey. Sonraya is the most amazing therapist and has a wonderful talent for healing, I feel so blessed to have met her on my path."

  • "Sonraya’s care is amazing. It is rare to find someone with whom you can feel so safe, and held and insightful with. Her work has consistently provided a great deal of insights that have helped me to make big changes in my life. She is for me a ‘go-to’ person as part of my well-being and growth care. I cannot recommend her enough."

    Krishan Thrive Chiropractic

‘One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.’ Carl Jung

Our shadow is merely the parts of ourselves that we have kept hidden over the years such as our fears, our sadness, our hurts and our anger. They are suppressed energies that we have not had the space or felt safe to release or express them.

Although hidden and unconscious for the most part they can still affect how we think, feel and respond to situations today. We are still holding on to that place of trauma or unresolved feeling.

We can choose to push these emotions away or we can view them with compassion and seek support to heal, transform and release to bring freedom and movement.

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