Weekend Retreat to the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury

Embody your Wild and Passionate Feminine

May is a time when the land is awash with abundance and fertility. Spring energies are reaching their peak. This is a time to celebrate the blossoming of your potential, to feel the passion of life’s lust course through your being.

This weekend offers a small group of women a beautiful healing space to deepen in to your feminine sensuality and wild nature, so that you may embody the passionate flow of your potent life force and creativity.

The weekend falls on a New Moon, the dark of the moon that gives time for us to journey within, to deepen your connection to your womb, your golden chalice, where you give birth to new creations and how you creatively express yourself out in the world.

Our womb connects us to the womb of the Earth and the void of creation. When blocked, it stems the flow of goodness and abundance in our lives. Along with our root chakra it gives rise to our sensual and sexual nature that is the potent life force that gives us passion, confidence, empowerment to be the creators of our own lives.

close up of red rose flower

The weekend will offer a safe space to nurture and be nourished as women, to discover more of your true authentic nature, to let go of the past so that you create space for the new you to arise and blossom just like the summer flowers.

Dates: Friday 22, Sat 23 and Sun 24 May 2020 (Due to Covid-19 this Retreat has been postponed for now.  New Date will be announced when we are able to)

Venue: Healing Waters Sanctuary

Further information: Pricing, Accommodation and full schedule are below.

What does the weekend entail?

Two nights at the Healing Waters Sanctuary located on the St Michael leyline, a 15/20 min slow walk to Chalice Wells and the White Spring. It is known for its peaceful sanctuary and amazing organic nourishing food. It overlooks the Somerset plains with views towards the Tor.

Our focus will be a beautiful balance between activations and initiations on the sacred land and time in sacred healing circle back at Healing Waters Sanctuary.

The highlight of our visit will be The White Spring and the Chalice Wells Gardens. We will have private access at the White Spring for an hour where we will carry out our sacred ceremony and water cleansing ritual, a powerful initiation facilitating your rebirth.

The White Spring is a deep candlelit cave like womb space, which has been dedicated to the Goddess and Gods as a sacred space for pilgrims in search of a deeper connection to the Divine and their spiritual selves.

The White Spring is a natural spring that rises up from deep within the Earth and flows in to a central pool. There is also an icy plunge pool at the back that you are invited to plunge as part of your initiation. Many of the women I have taken before feel to go naked in to the waters, and this is of course your personal choice. We come to this sacred space as an offering to the Goddess of Water who supports us in letting go and birthing anew.

The White Spring, Glastonbury

We foster a loving sisterhood during our weekend together so that the bond in love supports us through our transformational journey.


We will also spend a beautiful time walking and communing with nature in the sacred gardens of Chalice Well with its healing iron rich waters, ancient Yew trees, contemplating in meditation within King Arthurs Courtyard and Healing pool and resting in meditation by the Well Head.

This is the Holy Well of the Chalice Gardens where we open our hearts to receive the beauty of the peace that dwells here. It is here we will rebalance our energies and enter a deeper peace and acceptance within ourselves.

Sacred Healing Circle

The sacred circle time at Healing Waters Sanctuary will give space to share and support and allow you to dive deeper in to your womb and heart with guided gentle exercises, meditations, breath work, simple rituals and drum journeys to release and awaken your passionate life force and to integrate what we have done on the sacred land.

We will journey together in to the mystical realms of Avalon, safely held and loved by Lady of Avalon and our spiritual guides. We invite you to bring all of yourself including the parts of yourself that are ready to come home to you. We welcome all – your fears, your tears, your laughter and your wild and playful self, as we gracefully let go and embrace the new within us.

Who is this for?

  • Do you feel the call of Glastonbury and Avalon, the heart centre of the Earth?
  • Do you feel there is a call deep within to reconnect and embody more of your divine feminine power?
  • Perhaps you feel stuck or blocked in areas of your feminine expression and your power to create and be creative, to receive pleasure and joy
  • You would love to feel a greater sense of self worth and self esteem so that you feel confident to be your authentic self and express who you truly are out in the world.

Many of us have had past lives as priestesses of Avalon and we feel a call to reconnect with the land and the energies of the heart chakra here to awaken and realign with our true source of power, to heal and forgive the past, to come full circle in to owning and embracing all that we are as woman.

Glastonbury Tor
offerings at Glastonbury Retreat


Often as women we have learnt to shut off from our deeper needs and desires that sit within our womb and sacral chakra but in doing so we are not fully connected to our passionate and potent life force.

Our chalice holds our creative potential and sense of worth. It is our pot of gold.  For many women this part of our selves has become suppressed due to our upbringing, how society has viewed and judged our bodies and the sexual relationships that have not honoured our truth. This blocks our creativity, our sensuality and sexuality and how we express ourselves out in the world.

This weekend healing Retreat will:

  • nourish and empower you on a deeper level
  • clear any blocked energy or trauma that’s ready to be released within the sacral/womb area allowing your creative power and sexuality to flow more freely
  • support you in developing a deeper connection with your womb wisdom and power therefore enhancing your intuition and self-worth
  • support you in trusting your inner knowing and developing self-love and acceptance
  • begin to release physical tension and pain held within the hips and pelvic area
    offer you practical feminine embodiment exercises to support you in connecting more deeply within so that you can continue the practices at home.

The benefits of this healing Retreat will continue for the many weeks after the Weekend as you integrate the energetic changes that have taken place bringing more of yourself in to wholeness. Self-care is most important during this period and a continuing practice of the exercises given.

Flow of the Weekend

Friday 22 May:

Check in time 4pm onwards

6.30 pm Supper

7.30 pm Evening sacred circle time

An evening gathering for wholesome supper to connect and nourish, followed by a gentle sacred circle time to connect deep in to the energies of Avalon and our soul sisterhood, preparing the way for a powerful journey and weekend Retreat.

Saturday 23 May:


9.30 am
Morning sacred circle/guided meditation.
Setting intentions, allowing space for what is to emerge includes a shamanic drum journey to begin our journey of self-empowerment

Lunch at Healing Waters

Visit to Chalice Well Gardens, tour of the Gardens and sacred Spring with Meditation at the Wellhead

4.30 pm – 5.30 pm
Private access to the White Spring, our highlight of the weekend, working with ceremony, Initiation and cleansing ritual, awakening our feminine womb power and creativity

Evening meal at Healing Waters

7.30 pm
Evening sacred circle time, working with the flow of the group energies which may include, drumming, dancing, wild fire ceremony or rest and supportive circle time.

Sunday 24 May:


Morning Sacred circle time to integrate and include womb activation exercises, drum journey, next steps to embodiment.

12.00 pm Lunch at Healing Waters

1.00 pm Retreat Close

Free time to explore Glastonbury- optional walk up Tor or visit Goddess Temple.

Please note the order of things may change

What’s included in your Retreat:

  • 2 night’s accommodation in twin bedded rooms plus one single currently available.
  • Shared bathroom with bath/over shower on ground floor, shared bathroom with shower and toilet upstairs.
  • All nourishing wholesome vegetarian/vegan meals – morning, lunch and evening (if you have special dietary needs, there may be an additional charge of £5 pp)
  • All facilitated sessions with Sonraya and guidance throughout your stay holding you in a perfectly safe, beautiful and loving space for you to unfold in your beauty and fullness.
  • Private access to the White Spring


Prices for min of 4 women in shared twin rooms as above £335.

Non-refundable deposit £125

Balance to be received by 24 April (to be confirmed)

How to Book

TWO SPACES REMAINING in shared twin bedrooms

Please contact me via email [email protected] to enquire and book.

Excluded from Retreat

  • Entrance fee to Chalice Wells Gardens (£5.10 pp)
  • Any personal extras during your stay and visit to Glastonbury
  • Transport to and from Glastonbury
  • Special dietary requirements (£5 pp per full day)

Optional Extras: Follow-up 1:1 Healing/Spiritual Coaching session

1:1 x 90 minute Healing/Spiritual Coaching Sessions (telephone/online)
£110 (Normally £133)

Payable by bank transfer or via Paypal (Paypal fees apply)

Available to book up until and including 30 June 2020.

As with any healing and energy work we all experience it in our own unique way and a deeply healing weekend can take a few weeks to process and integrate. It is natural for emotions to surface and for the physical body to feel the effects of the shifts. This is a natural and a welcome process as we know things are changing organically.

I have therefore found it beneficial for women to be supported in the weeks that follow a Retreat with a more personal 1:1 approach. So I would like to offer you the option to book a 1:1 Healing/Spiritual Coaching session (whether over the telephone, online or face to face) at a discounted price. Please contact me to arrange.


  • “Thank you so much for holding the space for me to connect more fully in to my Divine Feminine and Masculine. The celebrations and ceremonies have been most profound and will definitely have far reaching effects. This healing retreat has opened up another pathway of self healing, connecting and empowering me”

    Sally Tyler Glastonbury Retreat 2019
  • “The weekend retreat in Glastonbury was so wonderful, I felt that really was the final stage of birthing the cycle of work we have done, integrating the goddess. The material for each spiral was so powerful and a resource that I have also found myself coming back to again this year.  There have been some huge changes, manifestations and inner growth for me in the last year and I feel this is just more of the foundations, the learning never stops. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, and gently holding the space for this development."

    Kerry Pocock 9 Months Birth your Sacred Feminine Programme 2018/2019


Beautiful Bed and Breakfast accommodation central to Glastonbury:

Healing Waters Sanctuary and B&B
1 Roman Way


Healing Waters is a light filled peaceful sanctuary that sits on the St Michael ley line. There are beautiful views of The Tor and the Somerset plains from the veranda at the back of the House. It is about a 15 minute walk to Chalice Wells Gardens and the foot of The Tor and about the same in to Glastonbury town centre.

Check in: 4pm onwards Friday 22 May
Check out: 1 pm onwards Sunday 24 May

Meditation Room
deck outside Healing Waters B&B

Accommodation includes:

  • 1 single room, 2 x twin rooms both overlooking the Somerset Plains (one room on ground floor)
  • 4 x single beds to a large room.
  • Two Shared bathroom
  • Yurt and Meditation rooms

Our group has dedicated use of Healing Waters Sanctuary during our stay.
Note: Special diets can be catered for with at least 4 weeks notice and a small additional cost.

dining table

Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested and drawn to be part of this amazing Retreat weekend .

When you are ready to book please read the Terms and Conditions and complete the Booking Form and return via email along with your paid deposit in to my Bank account. Details are given in the Terms.

I look forward with excitement.

Much love

Weekend Retreat to the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury

Embody your Wild and Passionate Feminine

22-24 May 2020 Retreat:

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