What are the 9 Spirals?

As well as personal support over the coming months, and the 2 night residential in June 2019, the core of the program consists of 8 full day workshops on a Saturday once a month.

These workshop days plus the final residential comprise the 9 Spirals.

The full programme for each Spiral is given below.

Please note that the dates are fixed but venue & timings may be subject to change.

red moon

Summary of Sacred Feminine Programme Dates

  • Spiral 1 -Saturday 10 November
  • Spiral 2 – Saturday 8 December
  • Spiral 3 – Saturday 19 January
  • Spiral 4 – Saturday 16 February
  • Spiral 5 – Saturday, 16 March
  • Spiral 6 – Saturday 20 April
  • Spiral 7 – Saturday 18 May
  • Spiral 8 – Saturday 29, Sunday 30 June & Monday 1 July
    Weekend Residential Summer Retreat, GLASTONBURY
  • Spiral 9 – Saturday 27 July 
woman dancing at sunrise

A detailed breakdown of what your journey will consist of is given below.

fire and flames

Autumn/Winter Season

Many people find winter a difficult time to deal with, often finding the lack of light depressing.  We will work with the darkness in a way that is both empowering and nurturing.

You will discover why this is a necessary part of your feminine essence to go within, to nourish and nurture, to let go and transform in preparation for the season of spring.

Spiral One - Sat 10 November 2019

Samhain – Year’s End and New Beginnings

  • The beginning of the end
  • Invoking the Energies and Support for our 9 month Programme
  • Group support and boundaries
  • Setting our personal and group intentions for the Programme
  • Wheel of the Year and our cyclical nature as women
  • Journey to meet the Dark Goddess –
  • Fire Ceremony to let go and invoke alchemy
Spiral Two - Sat 8 December 2018

Winter Solstice – Rebirth

  • Cave of Elders
  • Working with the Elders of all time, bringing through their deep love and wisdom to enable you to access a deeper state of being within yourself
  • Healing Mother and Father ancestral lines – embracing your shadow – ‘what is your deepest secret and most powerful treasure?
  • Preparing for the peak of Winter, Winter Solstice 21 December
Spiral Three - Sat 19 January 2019
  • Resting, healing and integrating in the folds of the Goddess
  • The importance of Being vs Doing in your life
  • Letting go and allowing – the importance of these qualities in bringing balance to you and your relationships
  • Moon phases and cycles
  • Dreamtime – painting stones
woman as a tree

Early Spring/Spring Season

Life is beginning to stir from its sleeping slumber and you too feel an inner awakening, initially very gently then more powerfully as the season turns in to the full flow of spring and abundant fertility.

This is a time to nurture your seeds and the stirrings of growth inside.

Spiral Four - Sat 16 Feb 2019

Imbolc – Awakening

  • Connecting with new inner growth
  • Awakening your inner Maiden and your pure innocent self
  • Healing your Inner Child and setting her free
  • Celebrating Imbolc and the Goddess Brigid with ritual and ceremony
Spiral Five - Sat 16 March 2019

Spring Equinox – Balance and Fertility

Awakening the spirit of Spring

  • Awakening, germinating, fertility, awakening new visions and dreams
  • Spring Equinox – a time of rebalance – Light and Dark
  • Vision Quest
  • Celebrating the Spring Equinox
  • Working with the energy of the Spiral and your creativity
Spiral Six - Sat 20 April 2019

Awakening your sensual self, embracing your sacred sexuality.

  • Connecting with your passion
  • Feeling safe to be vulnerable
  • What it feels like to be truly open to receive?
  • Balance in relationships
  • Dance and movement to let go and flow
  • Welcome Caroline Tennent from Heartfelt Dance to create a space for dance and movement


Spiral Seven - Sat 18 May 2019

Beltane – Passion and Unity

Embracing Unity on all levels, feminine and masculine, spirit and soul

  • Embracing your raw passion and sexuality for life
  • Welcoming Unity in to your life
  • Inner sacred marriage – unifying your inner feminine and masculine
  • Walking the Sacred Labyrinth – Initiation

Summer Season

This is the time when everything in nature comes to fruition, comes in to full bloom. There is abundance available on all levels. The sun is high in the sky, there is light and warmth and is the season of joy and celebration.

Weekend Residential Summer Retreat (Spiral Eight)

Summer Solstice – Celebration and Abundance

This will involve a two night residential retreat in Glastonbury where you will experience the beautiful energies of the Isle of Avalon steeped in mystery and legend. We will also include a day in Avebury on the Sunday, working with the ancient wisdom of the stone circle and West Kennett Long Burrow known for its Goddess energy.

Accommodation: Beautiful Bed and Breakfast accommodation central to Glastonbury:

Healing Waters Sanctuary and B&B
1 Roman Way


Healing Waters is a light filled peaceful sanctuary that sits on the St Michael ley line. There are beautiful views of The Tor and the Somerset plains from the veranda at the back of the House. It is about a 15 minute walk to Chalice Wells Gardens and the foot of The Tor and about the same in to Glastonbury town centre.

deck outside Healing Waters B&B

Accommodation includes:

  • 1 single room, 2 x twin rooms both overlooking the Somerset Plains (one room on ground floor)
  • 4 x single beds to a large room.
  • Two Shared bathroom
  • Yurt and Meditation rooms

Our group has dedicated use of Healing Waters Sanctuary during our stay.
Note: Evening meal on Sunday in Glastonbury and lunch Avebury is payable by participants

Meditation Room
Spiral Eight - Fri 28 / Sat 29 / Sun 30 June 2019

Saturday 29 June:

Arrive 12.00 midday at Healing Waters

Lunch 1.30 pm

Sat 2.30pm – 5 pm Workshop Session

  • Intentions and setting up group energy for the weekend
  • Meditation/Journey to meet the Goddess of Avalon
  • Sharing and support

7.30 pm Light supper

Sunday 30 June:

7.30 am Breakfast

9.30 am Walk up the Tor – Understanding the Michael/Mary Lines

Lunch (optional extra at Healing Waters Sanctuary)

Afternoon – free to explore and experience the sites and sounds of Glastonbury on your own

5 pm Regather as a group. Review the day

Private access to the Chalice Wells Gardens – Goddess Initiation and Meditation at the Well Head (to be confirmed)

8 pm evening meal together in Glastonbury town

Monday 1 July:

7.30 – 8.30 am Breakfast

9.30 am Leave after breakfast to drive to Avebury

  • West Kennett Long Burrow
  • Goddess Spring
  • Avebury Stone circles
  • Connection to the Star beings and cosmic energies

Lunch (payable locally)

5 pm (approx) Late afternoon closure

Journey home

Please be aware these times are given as a guideline and may change depending on circumstances and best outcomes for the group.

Please ensure you do not book commitments where you have to rush off by a certain time as this can be disruptive to the group. Thank you.

Spiral Nine - Sat 27 July 2019

LAMMAS – Harvest and Thanksgiving

  • Gratitude Ceremony
  • Giving thanks for your personal harvest, what you have learnt
  • What you have achieved, who you have become?
  • Creating our own Despachio Ceremony and gift to Mother Earth and Father Sky
  • Unveiling Ceremony of Your Goddess Self.
  • Completion
Despachio Gratitude flowers

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