Structure of the Programme

The Sacred Feminine: 9 Month Programme consists of 9 Workshop modules which are named Spirals, within the 3 main Seasons of Autumn/Winter, Spring and Summer.

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The Programme to Birth your Sacred Feminine is a gentle, yet powerful and profound journey of unfolding and remembering your true self.  It will literally change your life, setting you firmly on course to embody your authentic feminine and your full magnificence as a woman.

Together with your soul sisters you will experience a deep journey of personal realisation and transformation. We will move through a process of healing, letting go and allowing, giving space for sowing, gestating, flowering and the eventual blooming of your true self in alignment with your own unique rhythm and in perfect timing with your soul’s calling.

Seasonal Flow

We will flow with the natural cycles of the Earth, honouring and drawing on the Celtic wheel of the year as a way of recognising and embracing these potent energies for our modern day.

We will create simple ritual to honour and draw on the power of these significant cosmic events that will bring you powerful healing, transformation and sacred meaning and connection within your daily life.

The Celtic Wheel of the Year offers us help in reviving our lost sacred connection with the Mother land and therefore creation itself. There are 8 festivals celebrating the sacredness of life and these will form the underpinning flow and rhythm of our journey together.

Celtic Wheel of the Year

Who is this Programme for?

  • You are a woman who is searching for something more in your life. You feel there is something missing, something more of you to be expressed and you would love to experience more of your feminine power and potential.
  • You are already a woman committed to your own personal and spiritual development and see the value in personal growth as a way to create more peace, joy and fulfilment in your life.
  • You are likely to be already going through lots of inner or outer change, or perhaps even a major transition in your life where you would benefit from a loving and safe, supportive space to gain clarity and a new sense of peace and wholeness.
  • You recognise and value the importance of journeying over a period of time which would give you space to fully integrate the changes on a deep level as well as the deep bonds you can experience with your soul sisters to assist you in this process.
  • Like many women, you are a woman who has struggled to value your self and stand up for what you want. Even though you may have done lots of personal inner work, you would love to experience deeper self-love and acceptance.
  • You are likely to find the concept of ‘receiving for yourself’ difficult whether this comes up as guilt or finding it difficult to ask for support or being clear of your boundaries.
  • You find you would rather hide your light than be seen shining bright.
  • You would love to experience more of your feminine energy where in the past your masculine side has been more dominant. You would love to experience a more healthy balance within and in your relationships with others.
  • You see the importance of taking care of our Earth Mother for our future generations and would love to experience a deeper connection with the Earth and feel more grounded. Most importantly you are ready to answer the call and serve and make a difference to your community.
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How You Will Benefit

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  • Understand the true nature of your feminine and transform the blocks that have impeded your natural flow and expression.
  • Explore and heal the shadow aspects of self: your fears, your doubts, your shame, and your guilt, bringing love, compassion and healing.
  • Feel more comfortable in your own skin.
  • Heal the wounded inner child and awaken the magical innocent child to bring play, joy and spontaneity.
  • Explore the meaning of your sensual, sexual self – begin to let go of the misconceptions and distortions to body image so that you can come to a place of self love and acceptance.
  • Heal the Mother and Father ancestral patterns to release the past memories, limiting beliefs and emotions that have kept you stuck. Give you and your future generations the freedom to express who you truly are.
  • Embrace the gifts and wisdom of your ancestors, a deep remembering of your true essence and expression.
  • Heal your relationship with your inner masculine and be open to receive and trust his wisdom, leadership and protection.

You will leave the Programme feeling inspired, strong and empowered, with an inner peace and clarity about who you are as a woman. Your relationship with your self will be transformed opening your heart and enabling you to embody a calm and grounded presence with a new clarity and passion for your life’s path.

What To Expect

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8 Saturday full day workshops

Once a month. 10 for 10.30 am start – finish 5pm at the beautiful venue Sarpenela Natural Therapy Centre, Farnham, Blandford, Dorset – immersed in the peaceful countryside and nourished by the Mother land.


2 night residential

Based at Glastonbury with a day visiting Avebury – 28, 29 & 30 June 2019

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3 One-to-one healing / shamanic soul journey sessions

With Sonraya at her home in Poole giving you the personal attention and energy you need to aid your personal transformation (one every 3 months – to be booked).

Personal Support Sessions

Pre and post follow up Skype/telephone sessions – 30 minutes each. Plus email access to Sonraya’s guidance throughout the nine-month programme.

Private Facebook group

With weekly support and inspiration with with Sonraya and with your soul sisters.

Personal Workbook

Provided for you for each Workshop/Spiral.

Meditation Room
sacred feminine workbooks for my programme

The Programme is designed for a small group of six women giving space for personal sharing and attention. A minimum of three women are required to go ahead with the Programme.

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