How to Create More Love and Passion

 In May's Fire and Passion, Seasonal Inspiration

Spring is a great time to bring back the fire and passion in your relationships. The month of May signals the peak of Spring and the celebration of the festival of Beltane (1st May) – a fire festival – the coming together of the God and Goddess to light the fire of passion within, to bring balance, unity and the conception of something new. Abundant fertility on all levels is the key theme here.

The May Queen and the May King are symbols of the sacred marriage, the union of the Earth and Sky and has been merrily enacted by humans for centuries and the reason why many people love to get married during May, drawing on the potency of the earth at this time.

So how can you draw on this powerful energy?

5 Sure Ways for You to Light the fire of LOVE and PASSION in your life

1. Take time to Relax and nourish yourself

When you are in a happy place you will naturally draw to you that which you seek whether that is love, a new partner, new opportunities, all forms of abundance.

Create space for you to do what you love.  What things bring you more pleasure?

Moving, dancing, expressing your creativity through writing, drawing and painting, gardening, meditation are just some ideas.

2. Love and enjoy being YOU.

Avoid looking outside of yourself for that need to be satisfied. Our hearts are a huge magnet and they will naturally draw to us anything that vibrates on a similar frequency.

What can you do for yourself to love yourself that bit more today?

3. Recreate that sense of Play and wonder.  This is one of the quickest ways to raise your vibration.

Music is a great way to shift your energy and mood, play your favourite perhaps with a beat and get yourself moving your hips and dancing.

4. Commune with Mother Nature

This is the surest way to feel that powerful surge of passion and allow that to flow up in to your belly and womb space and then up in to your heart so you can express that your relationships. Bringing the energy in to your womb space and sacral and feeds the fire in your belly.

Start by spending 5 minutes a day breathing in to your womb and belly, to anchor your energy in your centre.

5. Reflect on your internal relationship with your own Feminine and Masculine qualities

To what extent do you value and accept the feminine within you?

– your intuition, your creativity, your sensuality, your vulnerability and how much you express these in your life?

To what extent do you value and accept the masculine within you?

– your ability to be decisive, to lead, to take action and how much you express these in your life?

We each have expressions of the feminine and masculine and it is equally important for you to value each of these so there is balance within and therefore with another.

What old patterns need to heal?

When you can relate to another from a place of internal clarity, love and harmony you are able to disengage from their drama whilst staying centred and compassionate.



The Sacred Labyrinth

Let’s take a look at the sacred Labyrinth and how that has the magic to transform your relationship.

The Magic of Labyrinth reveals the truth about YOU!  And the month of May is a great time to walk the Labyinth!

The Labyrinth is a single pathway that when walked takes you to the centre, a place of connection with Spirit, the Divine, your higher wisdom. It has been used across many different cultures since ancient times and in recent years has become popular as a tool for meditation and self-transformation.

Drawings of Labyrinths from the second millennium BC have been found in India, Greece, Syria and Italy. Roman labyrinths were uncovered throughout the former Roman Empire, from Britain to Spain to Yugoslavia to North Africa. The most well-known is the Chartres Labyrinth in France and also the Cretan seven turn Labyrinth echoes what was used in Greece and is what is commonly used today. The seven turn Labyrinth is what I use in my retreat days.

Throughout time, the labyrinth has always represented sacred space, a sacred journey – the journey through life, death and rebirth, the spiritual journey, the initiatory journey and our own sacred pathway to your centre. That journey can be your whole life, or a specific part of it, such as your work, a relationship with another or yourself, a particular challenge or a creative project but more often than not the labyrinth presents to you what you need.

Magically it reveals to you what you need to know and what needs to heal so that you can move forward on your evolutionary journey. The labyrinth acts like an energetic mirror so that you can make conscious your unconscious patterns and therefore make new and informed choices about how you wish to lead your life.

However, many times one walks the labyrinth, there is always something new to be discovered about oneself.

Walking the labyrinth can reveal what is hidden, that which you can’t always see clearly about yourself, because you are so busy acting out that behaviour, that emotion.

In this way we can gain a new perspective, become the observer and then make a different choice about how you wish your life to unfold.

Walking the labyrinth is a great way to release and let go and receive the joy and passion of the heart.

There is no right way to walk a labyrinth. You can walk, dance, skip, crawl, change gait. It is so important to listen and go with your own flow and rhythm. In our busy lives it is so important to take time out to review, reflect and come back to your natural rhythm and I am confident from my own personal experience and others that I do feel the labyrinth will do this for you.



I love facilitating sacred days Walking the Labyrinth.  If you are intrigued to walk the Labyrinth for your own healing and meditation then please look to see if I have any planned Events.  If you have a group of friends that you would love to arrange a Sacred Day of Walking the Labyrinth do get in touch as I would love to create a special day for you with Ceremony.

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