Lighting the Way Forwards in 2021

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Happy New Year to you!

May this year bring more soul and light into your life, awakening the full potential of your divinity.

With so much still changing in our world, it has taken me a while to tune in and feel the energies of 2021 and share with you.

2020 surprised us with a viral pandemic that no one predicted.  It forced us to stay home and go within to really review and reflect on our lives to recognise what is important and to begin to make different choices.  It has and continues to be a huge journey of transformation, of death and rebirth, on a global scale.  

Through any deep transition from one state of existence to another, it is bound to be uncomfortable, testing our human spirit.  We recognise that heart-centred connection and community was and is vital for our survival.  When everything begins to crumble in our external world, we realise this is the ‘glue’ and the heart that keeps our society together, when we come together for the greater good of the whole.  

Amidst the chaos and change a new era is slowly being birthed on the earth.  ‘From darkness light is born’.

This is the new Age of Aquarius which is all about community, collaboration and freedom of spirit.  Despite the restrictions, I am also both curious and excited, to wonder and imagine what our new earth will eventually look and feel like.  Like any dream it is important to allow our minds and hearts to dream a new vision of a world we want to live in.  For we are the co-creators of our Universe.  

What kind of New Earth do you want to live in?  What would this New Earth look and feel like?

This is the freedom we can each embrace.  The freedom to dream our soul’s vision, not constrained by external circumstances.  

We are deeply supported by the Universe, Great Spirit, Cosmic beings of Light, the Earth herself.  We can also call on our ancestors who have been through enormous change and suffering in the past to draw on their strength and wisdom to help us have the courage to navigate through this change and rise up like the phoenix.  

I see 2021 a final purging of the old structures as gradually we feel more of the new energies become anchored in our hearts and minds and the planet as a whole.  

Lighting the Way Forwards

Our human-ness and ego generally find change hard, so how do we safely navigate these current times?  

Firstly, our goal must be to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, although this light is not necessarily an external one but the source of light deep in our sacred hearts.  This is what we must nourish during these cold winter months to facilitate the birthing of the new.  Just as if we are holding an oil lamp up high that lights the way through a dark tunnel, our hearts will shine the way forward and lead us safely forwards in the direction of our dreams.  By looking inwards, you might just find that the spark you are looking for is already there. 

Winter Nourishment for the Soul

As always, I turn my attention to the wisdom of the Earth – steadfast in the knowledge that from the death of winter all is reborn.  

The Queen of Winter with her hard frosts and snowflakes, bring a quality of stillness and quiet sanctuary from the busi-ness of our chaotic world.  She is our nurturer, one we can draw upon to quieten the most troubled of minds.  Breathe deep into your heart and your belly daily to ignite and keep your inner fire burning bright.  

Light Activations

More light continues to support the planet’s and our ascension and through this process we will see more of the old falling away both in the external world and in our own lives.  

Following the Winter Solstice we had a powerful light activation at the Full Moon on 30 December.  It brings an alignment of our heart flame with the third eye, helping us to harmonise the mind with our heart.  These energies continue to be integrated, facilitating the alchemical process and activation of our higher heart and the cosmic universal mind.  


I have recorded a Guided Meditation that brings healing and alignment to these two powerful centres. Please see below for more details and the link to how to listen to it.

Stepping into our Mastery

There is also a balancing of the feminine and masculine.  We must continue to empower and embody our Sacred Feminine so that we come into balance and unity with our Sacred Masculine. From this place of deep inner union within our sacred hearts, a third is born, the Divine child of Christ consciousness.

We are called now to step into our Mastery as sovereign Divine beings of Light and co-creators of our Universe.  Gifts from past lives will be coming to the fore for some of you so that you can integrate and use these talents for our New Earth.  It may initially surface through a past life healing or emotions that you do not fully understand that root back into other times and dimensions.  I love helping my clients retrieve lost soul parts to become whole so do get in touch if you would like help in this area.  I am booking time from end of January for 1:1’s online or over the telephone.

The choice is always where we place our attention – love of self and others creates unity – fear creates low vibration, negativity and separation.  Love keeps our energies high, vibrant and our immune systems healthy.  Fear creates low energy, anxiety and low immunity.  

What strategies can you use to create more love vibration within yourself and your life?

  • Limit your time listening to the news.  What station do you wish to tune in to?
  • Choose each morning. Continue or develop a daily spiritual practice that nurtures your heart and soul and nourishes your body
  • Listen to your body wisdom.  She communicates to you through sensations and feelings.  This is your inner voice that is communicating to you all the time
  • What does your body need and want to feel alive and healthy?  Tune in each morning and again at night if you feel the call.
  • What kind of movement does your heart/body want?
  • Yoga, stretching, walking in nature, cold water swimming in the sea (that’s not for me but I know some of my female friends finds it’s a great way to shift their mood and feel fresh and alive for the day ahead).  I find dancing a great way to get warm, get my energy moving and feel joyful and alive.
  • Healthy wholesome food including root vegetables to ground and connect you with the earth eg carrots, potatoes  and squashes and bring in vibrant colours to add to your energy.
  • Water – filtered.  Remember to bless your waters with uplifting words such as peace, love, freedom, clarity and balance whatever you feel you need to bring in.  Water is the carrier of all life and it is important we are mindful what we are putting in to our bodies.  More water helps us release toxins and carry and process these new energies.  As a suggestion, you can have a jug of water or glass of water and stick labels of your favourite words on the outside.  That is enough to effect a change in the water crystals.  This has been scientifically proven by Dr Emoto who has studied the effect of positive and negative thoughts on the water crystals.

New Moon in Capricorn 14 January 2021

We are coming up for the New Moon next week and again with new moons we experience a clearing and letting go as we prepare for new beginnings. 

Silver Birch is the ancient tree that resides with this new moon.  Her white trunks bring the freshness of new beginnings, the peeling bark what is ready to be released.  I have worked with silver birch – known as Lady of the Woods.  You may like to seek out your local Birch to connect with them.  They are graceful and have flexible branches symbolising the need for flexibility and flow. 

As the sun climbs higher, they develop yellow catkins in early February signalling the arrival of new beginnings and fresh growth.  She is a wonderful magical tree to connect with. 

Making your own Birch Broom

You may even like to make your own broom.  Gather a small handful of fallen branches and bind them together with natural twine.  You may like to decorate them with feathers or other natural material that you find close to the silver birch. 

You can use this as a talisman to sweep away the old.  It sits on my sacred space as a symbol of this. 

When I work with her energies, I feel a surge of life force energy rising from my base, awakening the new. 

Your Gift

This will help clear and awaken your third eye, increasing your intuition and psychic vision and abilities.  It brings harmony between your mind and heart, helping you to see the way forward with clarity. 

new moon blessings
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