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Spring with her promise of renewal and rebirth has arrived.  This is an opportunity for us to pause and consider how to draw upon the energy of Spring renewal and create a new life balance.

The Spring Equinox this year falls on 20 March, announcing the first day of spring when day and night are equal in length bringing everything to a still point of balance in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, although it is the beginning of autumn’s Fall in the Southern Hemisphere.  This is an exciting time of Spring renewalcreate new life balance with practical ways to work with Nature and create your own Spring Equinox Ceremony with Elemental Magic to feel renewed and balanced.

I love this time of year as nature wakes up and begins to show us the wonderful magic that she has been creating deep inside the stillness of winter.  We witness Spring renewal as nature’s buds begin to burst forth and flowers open to the gently warming sunlight.  From now on the days lengthen, the light increases and we feel the exciting promise and potential of the abundance that is to come.

Winter was necessary of course, for without the necessary reset and rest, nature would not be able to spring back with such vibrancy and abundance.

The same applies to us.   I feel lockdown, just like an especially long, hard winter, despite the uncomfortable restrictions and hardships, is giving many of us the opportunity to pause, to take stock of our lives and focus on what is most important.   Perhaps the challenges have made us adapt and become flexible helping us to recognise as a human society, the importance of connection and community. We only need to look at trees to know how their root system grow together to share water and resources that benefit the whole forest.  Perhaps we are beginning to recognise that working and co-creating together provides unified strength and clarity, that will help us find a new way of living and creating a new life balance that benefits all.

We can, therefore, use the miracle of mother Nature to guide us back into gentle alignment and balance within our own lives.

The Equinox brings equilibrium, when day and night, light and dark become equal.  This is the perfect moment to look at our own inner light and dark and to bring these into harmony.  Inner healing helps bring to light anything we may have consciously or unconsciously hidden so that we can integrate these into the wholeness of who we are.  Clearing our physical homes, cleansing our energy, and making sure our thoughts are in alignment with where we want to focus going forwards are all important at this time of year.  Some of our greatest challenges are often the soul’s calling for greater expansion and growth.

Equally, it is a time to call forth the seeds of new hope and dreams we sowed in the winter and to bring them out into the light.  This may be a new creative project that has been gestating in the background, that is now taking shape and ready to come into the world. It could also be a new version of yourself that is more aligned with who you are authentically becoming that brings a new level of confidence in expressing your unique gifts.

Global change – A Call for Renewal and New Life Balance

The profound changes we are experiencing are global as we continue to go through a fundamental change in the way we live our lives.  Externally, old systems, structures and foundations built on outdated values, are falling away and within our own lives too this is happening which can feel quiet confronting.

However, I believe a higher divine plan is evolving where a new age of unity consciousness is being birthed on to our planet.  The divine feminine qualities of compassion, nurturing and gentleness is so needed in our world to bring harmony, peace, and acceptance.  I believe it is our ‘wake-up’ call to balance and unify the feminine and masculine qualities within all of us.

We can reflect on our own inner balance of the two, the ‘being’ and ‘doing’ aspects of our nature, to see where we could benefit from more attention and healing.  For example, being more receptive and listening to our intuition, our feminine qualities, versus, always pushing on to get things done, our masculine action-orientated qualities.  When the sacred feminine and sacred masculine come into a place of inner harmony, our relationship externally also shifts to one of more peace and acceptance.

If we look at numerology and the use of numbers as gateways and portals for aligning with light frequencies coming onto the planet, the number 22 or 222 is a great one to align with and one I have consciously been working with. It brings in the frequency of balance and unity, of our sacred feminine and sacred masculine and ‘as above, so below’.  This I feel is helping to anchor the New Age of Aquarius that we entered at the Winter Solstice and the beginning of this year.  I find this interesting as we move through incredible change during the years 2020 – 2022 and beyond, as we begin to anchor unity consciousness on the planet.

Elemental Magic – Create New Life Balance

We have briefly explored how balancing our light and dark and sacred feminine and sacred masculine qualities can bring inner harmony.  One of the simplest ways of healing I love to work with is with the Elementals and the Elements that make up our Universe – the Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water and Great Spirit.

These Elements work together to bring harmony and equilibrium in nature and in the Universe.  They are constantly changing, affecting our weather and seasons, all of which supports the planet’s climate and eco-systems.  They are also part of our own internal nature.  We can call on these powerful Elements to help us find inner balance within our physical body and chakra system.

Practical Ways with the Elementals to awaken Spring renewal and create new life balance.

During my morning meditation, I often create time for energy work to clear and align myself and I may call upon each Element and my elemental body to ask for healing and balance.  When I am running women’s circles, I call on the power of the Elements to be part of the energies that create a safe and loving space for powerful healing and transformation.

Creating a crystal mandala is also a physical way to represent the Elements, charging each crystal for each elemental quarter, to facilitate balanced alignment.  I use my intuition to choose the crystals so that I am aligned with what I need at the time.  This is a good way to bring in healing and magnify my intentions for spring.

When out walking in nature, we can more easily feel the life force of these powerful Elements in the power of the wind and sea, in the pulse of the Earth’s heartbeat and in the sunlight that make everything grow.   The reason why spring is an ideal time to work with them as we can feel everything come alive around us.

I love to share the same love that the fairies have for the Earth, such as reaching down to a crop of tiny flowers on the ground, to admire their beauty and show my appreciation. I seek out trees for their wisdom and rootedness.

Standing by a magnificent tree (the Standing Ones), I feel their support and strength in my spine.   I regularly stand by trees to connect with their silent wisdom as they offer a portal to the starlight above that I breathe down and anchor into the Earth.  Connect with the Earth and reach up to the sky and feel them come to balance in your heart.

Spring Equinox Ceremony – Spring Renewal

A great way that I love to honour the Spring Equinox and welcome the first day of Spring is to call upon the Elements and create a little ceremony in gratitude for all that has come to pass and all that is to bear fruit.  It is a wonderful way to deepen our connection and give respect to our Mother Earth and her Elementals that help make everything grow and blossom, including our own hopes and dreams.

First, I create a sacred space, by opening an energetic circle, representing each Element at each quarter, North, South, East and West, with Great Spirit in the centre.  I do this both indoors and outside in my garden.

To represent the different Elements, I gather the following items.

Element of Earth – Crystals or salt of the earth.

Element of Air – Incense and feathers

Element of Fire – Light a candle

Element of Water – Fill a small bowl or chalice with water (sacred blessed water or spring water is best)

Centre – Have a vase of spring flowers or create a flower mandala of your own making and lay in the centre of your sacred space.

I open the Circle by calling upon each Element and asking for their presence and blessings.

I welcome each –

  • The power of Air that blows away the old and ushers in fresh vibrant energy and chi.
  • The power of Fire that is the passion in our belly and hearts, that transmutes the old and awakens a rebirth from the ashes.
  • The power of Water, the container for all sacred life, the ocean of potentiality and dreams, that cleanses and heals and helps us flow and be flexible.
  • The power of Earth that gives our spirit a home, with solid foundations and stability for an abundant life.
  • The power of Great Spirit for bringing all the elements together in oneness for the greater good of all.

Spend some time contemplating, honouring each Element and giving thanks for what they have brought into your life, how they have helped you through the winter months.  Acknowledge any painful experiences and challenges and the gifts within these that may have opened your heart, developed your inner strength, brought you a deeper connection with who you truly are and what you want going forwards in your life.

Ask for the Elementals blessings for your new dreams and hopes.  Name what you wish and dedicate a prayer for yourself and the planet.  Offer them up to the Universe.  Like seeds that are blown across fields and meadows to be planted in fertile soil, let your words, song and prayers fill the air and be taken by the wind across new and far lands.

Leave a token of your gratitude as a gift to the Earth and her Elements.  You may feel moved to create a flower mandala in honour of Spring and the light that is returning to the land.  You may like to give thanks to the blessings of new life by burying your prayers and wishes on paper along with any seeds or flowers you plant.

Planting physical and metaphorical seeds is a great way to anchor your new hopes in the fertile soil.  Watch them grow and take form just like your own creative projects.  The act of gardening and getting our hands dirty in the soil helps develop our loving connection with Mother Earth. There is something beautiful, nourishing and healing when we spend time in nature in this way.

I was reminded the other day, the miracle of a beautiful Crocus piercing through the cracks of a pavement.  A clear sign that anything is possible for rebirth with perseverance, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Spring is the time to rejoice, to breathe in the fresh air, to feel the vibrancy and pulse of the Earth beneath our feet.

Listen to the sounds of nature, the humming of bees and joy of bird song.  Watch the dancing white butterflies that twirl up into the blue sky. Enjoy the playfulness of squirrels and late spring, baby animals that frolic in the morning sunrise.   All these sounds create a symphony, an orchestra that is naturally working in harmony and balance.

When you are next out in nature, I invite you to pause, be still and open your heart to Nature’s sounds. Breathe them in and allow yourself to merge with nature’s symphony and feel yourself come to a place of peace and balance.


Additional support

For support in finding a new sense of renewal and life balance, why not book a 1:1 healing session with me.  It can be tailored to your needs.  It can either be a Healing session to clear and balance your chakras or we can go much deeper on a guided journey to look at what aspects of your feminine and masculine needs healing and accepting.

Online Event – March 18th, 2021 at 7.30 pm-9.30 pm UK time.

Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine

Healing our sacred feminine and sacred masculine to come into sacred union.

This is an online event to support, share and take you on a Guided Healing Journey for you to heal, let go and embrace your sacred feminine and sacred masculine, the keeper’s of your Sacred Heart. Full details are on my Events page and currently on my Facebook Event Page. Click link: Sonraya Grace.

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