Winds of Change – Finding stability in a Changing World

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Change is here whether we like it or not. How do we find stability in a changing world?

Like a tsunami, this year has seen the effects of the global impact of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. We have each been affected in different ways, some more than others, our lives changed in many ways perhaps still not fully comprehensible. It’s been a strange time and continues to be one of deep transformation as structures and systems that have been the foundation of our society begin to crumble and fall away. It feels like that on a personal level too as ways of doing business and relating continue to be impacted. Many of us have suffered great hardships, the impact of which is still felt. There is a sense of loss and we need space to grieve for what and who is no longer present in our lives. Our lives have changed yet how do we focus on stability?

Within the midst of this, however, it’s been wonderful to watch the rise of the human spirit to adapt and overcome challenge. Many of us have come together to find new ways of working and support each other. We’ve been forced to take stock of our lives, to reassess our priorities, to hopefully slow down and appreciate the little things in life. We recognise the importance of our family units whether we are together physically or not.

Most of us find the process of change uncomfortable, particularly if it comes unexpectedly and suddenly. It begs us to ask the questions:

How do we get comfortable with being uncomfortable?

Where do we turn to find certainty and peace in an ever-changing world?

In times of great change, what is our medicine?

Change has always been within us in the rhythms and cycles of the Earth. As we enter autumn, we can draw on her beauty and wisdom to support and empower us. She is our medicine.

Within the rhythmic pulse of the Earth, Moon and Sun, we find our source of stability and comfort with the ebb and flow of her continual cycles, of death and rebirth. Just like our ancestors, we can choose to find our medicine within the wisdom of the Earth that provides a source of abundant beauty and nourishment for our mind body and soul.

We have forgotten our natural ways and I wonder if this is our wake up call, humanity’s great time of awakening? I believe the Earth is calling us home, back to our roots, to develop a new way of life, foundations that are built on respect, love, balance and harmony. Through the breaking down of the old, a new way will emerge.

As we go in to autumn and winter let us use this valuable time to learn from Earth’s wisdom, to get closer to her natural cycles so that we may return to our own true nature. We can learn to get more comfortable with the uncertainty of change by learning and being with the changing seasons, for we are not static beings, we are co-creators of our Universe.

Autumn Harvest

As summer ends we are reminded that our intentions and efforts do not go unrewarded. Trees and bushes are laden with the fruits of apples and pears whilst hedgerows dangle tempting blackberries for us to pick. We realise there is always abundance around us for us to enjoy. One thing lockdown has offered our family is more time to grow vegetables and get our fingers dirty in the soil. Crops of colourful courgettes and peppers along with a bountiful supply of cherry tomatoes grown in patio pots have given us a continual supply of colour and sweetness for our salads. Life is sweet.

This is a time to appreciate Nature’s harvest. She reminds us to be grateful for our own inner harvest, to draw on the blessings and rich learning amidst our struggles.

Perhaps this year has offered you space to pursue interests you wouldn’t normally have had time for, or reuniting with family and friends in a new way. May be you found inner strength and courage you didn’t think you had, allowing the gift of slowing down. Even if you’ve not had opportunity to do these, do not fear, autumn is ready to support you to relax and replenish.

These are all our harvests. Within our losses there is always rich treasures to be found. What are yours? What gifts within your experiences have kept you buoyant during these changing times?

Getting comfortable with letting go

As humans we naturally have a tendency to cling to the familiar, even if we know it’s not for our long-term benefit we can feel a resistance to change. It’s at this time of year, the time of letting go, that we can turn our attention to Mother Earth for support and guidance.

I love this time of year as the earth settles and quietens she reveals a different kind of beauty. As I walk in my local woods, I feel the softening in the earth beneath my feet, the gentleness of a cool breeze rustle my hair, I become aware of a stillness around me. I pause to stand by a tree that is shedding its leaves; reds, yellows and browns twirl around and over my head before falling to the ground. I close my eyes to breathe in the serenity and beauty of this moment, opening my heart to the heart of the forest. I feel truly grateful for this moment of peace, trusting this natural process of deeply letting go. My unconscious knows what is needed and I feel safe in the knowledge that all is as it’s meant to be.

September is the 9th month of the year and in numerology terms is considered a powerful number for change, transformation and completion.

As we move towards the Autumn Equinox on 22nd September, when day and night are equal, we may find things come to our attention for healing such as patterns of relating that no longer serve us, old judgements, emotions, negative thoughts. These are all natural and the more we allow these to come to our attention and fall away, the easier we will find a new balance in our lives. The Equinox is a good time to reflect on the year so far to give thanks for our harvest and to become aware of what wants to fall away.

Come Winter we see trees surrendering their leaves to all weathers teaching us to lay to rest our burdens, to shed layers of conditioning, to soften and relax and open to our own vulnerability.

How do we let go of our resistance?

Making friends with my feelings, listening inwards to my resistance, to any negative chatter and emotions allows me to embrace the whole of me. I find sitting with these uncomfortable feelings, accepting them with kindness and compassion for what they are, allows my resistance to soften and I naturally begin to let go.

During the process of letting go there is a point of transition when we are waiting for the new to emerge. It’s at this point of in-between that we may feel lost and uncertain. It’s like we touch the emptiness of the void but this is in fact the void of infinite potential. If we can be with that, rather than resist it, we can find comfort in the knowing that this time will pass. Just like winter when the life force turns inwards and all appears asleep, it seems nothing is happening. On the contrary, deep inside great magic is at work preparing for a new spring and this applies to us too. Patience and trust is what our soul guides us to remember.

If we can surrender just like Mother Earth then we have truly mastered the element of letting go and allowing.

Finding a New Balance

We understand that the Autumn Equinox is all about us celebrating our harvest, both inner and outer, taking the seeds of goodness within our harvest to sustain us through the dark winter months. This keeps our inner fires burning bright.

The Equinox energies are also all about balance and bringing our lives in to balance. It is a good time to make changes, to reflect on where we currently focus most of our energy and decide what needs to change to create greater harmony.

We can look at balance in terms of inner and outer, light and dark, divine feminine and divine masculine. We can often tell if we are out of balance because we feel stressed or stagnant in some area of our life. Becoming aware of our body posture particularly our hips is a great way of assessing how in or out of balance we are.

Taking the opportunity for a Life Review by looking at key areas of our life such as health, work, family & friends, quality ‘me’ time, finances is a valuable exercise. We may ask ourselves ‘Where do I need to bring things back in to balance?

Do I need to spend more time with family or more time with myself? Is there a new skill or practice I want to put in place? What about my health, is my body calling for attention? How can I nourish my mind body and soul?

This is an ideal opportunity to really evaluate what is important in our lives and what will bring us the most joy and peace.

Autumn and winter offer us an ideal opportunity to deeply nourish and replenish so that we may become stronger and wiser. Coming back to our roots, pruning away what is no longer needed, drawing on the Earth’s wisdom during this time allows us to become the perfect anchor for the light of our soul. We feel nourished and grounded on the Earth. This is our home.

Key messages for autumn/winter

  • Surrender and allow yourself to let go
  • Nourish yourself on all levels, mind body and soul
  • Connect more deeply with Mother Earth and learn from her wisdom. What message does she have for you this autumn?
  • Gather your harvest, inner and outer, and create a ritual of thanksgiving
  • Befriend a tree and create a connection for support and strength
  • Establish balance by focussing your energies on what brings you joy and pleasure



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Autumn Equinox Celebration

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I will be uploading a video to my You Tube Channel for the Autumn Equinox Ritual that you may like to enjoy.

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