Cracking Open my Heart

 In Speaking your Truth

Cracking Open, Speaking Truth

Speaking my truth with a loved one has taken on a new depth and level during this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse window.  Always a powerful portal for change and transformation that is supporting the shifts that we would otherwise struggle or push away.

First of all I had to be honest with myself and stop denying what I really felt.  I had to start listening deeper to me, to my heart and womb and what she wanted and desired and stop worrying whether the other could cope with what I had to say.  There was another level of guilt to transmute.

I had to face my fears and speak anyway and then the flood gates did open and I had to sit and be with my raw emotion and feeling vulnerable and feeling truly seen. But as I continued to hold myself and take my time, breathing and pausing in between, I was able to continue and found my strength in being vulnerable, to find my heart speak with a real openness and love that led me to be able to say and ask for what I want.

It took courage to do this because I wasn’t in control of how the other person was going to react and that was part of the fear. But I’m responsible for what I feel and the other is responsible for how they choose to respond. I don’t have to fix anything just allow what is there in the present.

In this moment of vulnerablility a new realisation and deeper connection was made between us.

Who am I to deny someone else the chance to change things?

What if this is what their Soul was waiting to hear as part of their own journey of remembering?

So I’m sharing with you because you may find it difficult to speak your truth. You may have been hiding from yourself what you truly feel, always making excuses for the other person.

I’m inviting you to dig deeper, to listen to your heart.

  • What does she truly want in this situation?
  • What words need to be spoken?
  • What emotions need to be felt and expressed?

You may start by writing down your feelings.

You may even choose to write a letter to a person and then burn it.

And sometimes we have to speak the words directly.

Take courage. For we all want the same – to be loved and to be love.

That was the ultimate outcome of my sharing. We didn’t necessarily have to agree but because I shared from the heart it was received from the heart and then there became a greater deepening and expression of love between us. And respect and value.

I have to trust that what I shared will begin to weave and create change and magic in our relationship.  Firstly I feel I have listened and honoured myself.  I am allowed myself to be seen in my vulnerability.  I was able to name my fear, be with it, let it move through me so it could be transformed by the love in my heart.

I realised afterwards that there have been many generations before me, down my Female/Mother line who never spoke about their true feelings. I was breaking the chain and I feel a sense of release and freedom emerge that our daughter will also benefit from. Also another piece healing of the wounds in our collective has taken place.  What we do for ourselves is never just for our own benefit.

Our challenges have the potential to crack open our heart even wider to reveal the golden truth of what is wanting to be expressed.

I know how challenging and frightening this can be to express your truth and I also know how important it is to reach out for support.

If you need help and support in speaking your truth and embodying more of your true power, coming home, embodying more of your sense of self, please get in touch with me.  I would love to support you in becoming more of who you are and to access the courage I know you possess to create the desired shifts in your life.

Contact me here to book your one to one session or a Free 30 minute Consultation.

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