Sonraya Grace

Spring Goddess Retreat


What new feminine potential is ready to be born?

Do you feel the call to dance to a new rhythm?

SUNDAY, 2 APRIL 2017 10 AM – 4.30 PM

St Ambrose Church Hall, Westbourne, Dorset

Spring is a beautiful time of potent fertility and renewal, of growth and expansion. The sap is rising and there is excitement in the air! You too feel the call to create and grow. Seeds that were born in the winter months are ready to emerge.

Sonraya invites you to join her on this sacred retreat day for Women. She offers a nurturing and supportive space for you to journey, to deepen your connection to your feminine, an invitation to call forth new dreams and express your awakened gifts that are ready to be born.

Image; Josephine Wall

Josephine Wall - eternal love

The day will include

- Space to be and flow,

- A Shamanic Journey with the drum to connect and awaken your feminine potential that is ready to emerge

- Healing and helping you to let go of any blocks to self-expression – inviting you to connect and flow with your sensual natural

- We will create our own beautiful Spiral with colour and stones. Your invitation is to walk to the centre and come out moving and dancing to your own natural rhythm, dreaming in to being all that you wish for and all that you are becoming.

Space for your feminine to grow and flourish in the energies of Spring.

Please bring your own lunch and perhaps something favourite to share. Further joining instructions will be given upon booking.

£65. Payable in advance by bank transfer or £68 if paying by Paypal.

To book, please contact me at [email protected] and details of bank payment will be given.

Cancellation: If in the event of cancellation no refunds can be given after 22 March 2017

Sonraya is a Rainbow Light Weaver and Spiritual Teacher who is passionate about empowering the sacred feminine to bring Love, Balance and Unity to the world

‘Beautiful women, honest, raw and open. Sonraya is so gracious providing the safe space. Magnificent energy. Feeling open, alive and willing to receive. Highly recommend.’ Donna

‘Thank you for creating sacred Goddess space in which we have been able to learn, share and grow. Love and Goddess blessings’ Clare

Sonraya creates a beautiful space for healing and self-expression. The Spring Goddess Retreat was a lovely experience. Thank you. Tracy