Are you open to receiving?

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Open to receive and you open to Universal abundance

Why is it so difficult for us women to receive?  Do you tend to put down compliments, decline offers of help, find it difficult to ask for support or ask others for guidance?

The truth is when you do this you block the flow of Universal love and abundance from coming to you. As women we are so programmed to give, to make do with what we have, to be seen as strong and capable that it is difficult for many of us to either give to ourselves, to speak up and ask for support for fear of being perceived as weak.  But our vulnerability I’m finding, is also our strength.  From this place of openness comes an ability to receive.

The Universe is a loving and benevolent force for good so we have to unlearn these patterns and resistance so that we can open our hearts ever wider to receive the gorgeous energy that is wanting to flow to us.
When we give and receive equally we naturally come in to state of balance and flow.

How can we start opening to receive?

So what are these patterns that stop us from living a life of balance and harmony and how can we start opening to receive?

These patterns are our fears, our shame, our guilt, our inner critic that stops us feeling we deserve to receive.  Over the years, I’ve worked through many of these limiting patterns and especially guilt and feeling unworthy.  But we know these are not true, this is an illusion for we are each deserving of love and abundance.  This is our birthright.

Most likely you have gained these limiting beliefs through your upbringing and social conditioning and that have been passed down along your mother and father line. These we carry in our unconscious.  They affect our thinking which in turn affects how we feel and the action we take.

Just like the autumn leaves, let go of these negative thoughts and beliefs.  As Mother Earth withdraws her energies to go within, she invites you to nourish and nurture your inner landscape.

Here are 5 keys to unlock your heart and start the process of receiving and rebalancing your life.

  • Create quiet space
  • Open your heart to more love
  • Nurture and replenish
  • Value yourself, your time and energy
  • Find gratitude in the small things

It is a good time to focus back on your self and what you want. Replenish and fill your self up with positive energy and receive.

I have been really feeling this call to increasingly be with myself, to let go, to spend more time in quiet contemplation, walking in nature and I find myself softening and letting go just like autumn.

Will you allow yourself to receive?  What stops you?   It’s our time to nourish and receive. With the New Moon in Libra on 8/9th it is a good time to strengthen the loving relationship with yourself and with others.

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