Awakening! How we support ourselves through change and uncertainty?

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How do we support ourselves through change?

This last year has seen incredible change across our planet and within our own lives, creating uncertainty and instability.  Equally it is fuelling an awakening process, where many people are literally waking up to a new way of looking at things and what’s important in life.

Along the way many people have experienced drastic change in their circumstances, either through loss of a loved one, loss of a job, change in career, a house move, a relationship break up, all of these forcing us to contemplate the meaning of life and create a new life direction. What we call an awakening.

I’ve had my recent shock too as I was literally stopped in my tracks.

Over the Easter weekend whilst out walking I broke my foot and fractured it in 3 places.  A painful shock at that.  Thankfully, my husband and son came to my rescue and carried me out of the woods.  I remember saying to myself ‘this wasn’t part of the plan!’.  I had just started to make work arrangements and to see friends and family.

How many times have you said that to yourself too when things didn’t go to plan?

Clearly the Universe had other ideas for me. I had no choice but to surrender.

This was not my time to rush forward. It was time to deepen into receiving and nourishing myself.  My higher guidance also showed me it was a break from the past as I had been clearing ancestral patterning down my father line only that morning.  It was a time to integrate the new energies and relax into stillness.  This was my awakening to a new way of being. I have found this to be grounding, helping me to build strong foundations for the new version of myself I am becoming.

Silver Linings

And I believe everything has a silver lining, just like a rainbow that follows a rain cloud.

As I’ve broken the ancestral deep patterning around self-judgement, past life Soul gifts have been returning to me relating to Sound and my Voice which is very exciting.

After years healing my throat, I am free to express sounds, tones and song as I unlock my ancient voice. I have already started to integrate this with my group and 1:1 sessions, helping release and unlock our soul potential. I am enjoying a deepening into my spiritual practice as I explore toning and mantras to recalibrate my energy field.

And I know deep inner change and realisations is happening for many of us.

What is awakening within you, that is calling for a new life direction?

Whatever experience we have been through or continue to go through, as we surrender and let go of the old, we are remembering who we truly are and why we have come to experience Earth at this time.  Ancient gifts and wisdom are returning to us at the perfect time as we are awakening to a new way of being.

The change process isn’t necessarily comfortable as we have to face those parts of our self that have kept us stuck in unhealthy mindsets – the fear, anxiety, the anger, hurt and sadness.

How can we support ourself through change?

Return to our heart’s truth.  Love and forgive those parts of ourself or someone else.

When we hold those disconnected parts in our heart, give them love and kindness, we come home to who we truly are.  We feel more comfortable and at peace with who we are and who we are becoming and therefore others.

I invite you to listen deeply within, to trust your heart’s inner guidance and calling, helping you to take one step at a time, that leads to the next.

We are being asked to hold faith in our hearts to know that even though we don’t know the big picture, that we have all the wisdom within and to trust our intuition.  To know when to take action and when to relax back and receive.  This is what we are learning.  To trust in our hearts’ guidance and our body’s instinctual nature and knowing to guide us and flow with it.


How to support ourselves through change?  

Spend time listening to your self and your inner voice.

Hold faith in your own heart to guide you.

Take one step at a time, that will surely lead to the next.

Flow with the energies, let go of resistance.

Allow yourself to rest and receive

(just like a refreshing sleep, our soul can grow considerably when we surrender)


These help us relax into the flow of the new that is emerging.

And some questions you might like to contemplate…..

How can you nourish and support yourself during your change?

What is the priority for you at this time?

And if you need support, then please get in touch to explore how I can best help you.  You don’t have to do it alone.

My foot continues to heal. I’m literally taking one step at a time, slowly but surely and getting stronger by the day.


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