Does your life need re-balancing?

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A breath of fresh air! The Rhythm of Autumn.

As we journey now in to Autumn, with shorter days and cooler nights, one can hear the Earth sigh as the height of summer passes and she takes reign again, calling us back to Earth, to our roots, to come back within ourselves, to settle here for nourishment. This is the rhythm of Yin.

What needs rebalancing in your life?

‘Pause, take a breath and breathe out everything you no longer need’.
As we journey now towards the Autumn Equinox on 22 September, when the day and night are in equal balance, there is an opportunity to rebalance our lives.

We can look at Balance in 4 ways:

  • Balance your inner and outer lives.
  • Balance your feminine and masculine qualities
  • Balance ‘as above so below’
  • Balance the light and dark within

To find a new balance we need to clear out the old, what is not working, what is too heavy and burdensome to carry forward so we can travel light.

sometimes we just have to let things go

What will you do to create this balance?

7 Easy Ways to Create a Natural Balance in Your Life

  1. Clear out old paperwork, clear your desk space – ‘A clear desk space cultivates a clear mind’
  2. Clear out old clothes. 

Let go of ‘I’ll keep it just in case’. I’m using the criteria – If I’ve not worn it for a year I’ll get rid of it’ or if you had to wear it now how would you feel? 

If in doubt and you keep putting it to the back of the wardrobe, it’s time to go!’ Why hang on to old colours and clothes that are either too big or too small?! You want to feel uplifted!

When you let go of old colours and styles, you open the doorway to new colours in your life that can literally give you more passion and get up and go!
  3. Books and Magazines

 – Pass them on to Libraries, Charity shops or homes for the elderly. Clearing the mind makes way for new wisdom to come in.
  4. Let go of old thoughts and beliefs that pull you down. Let go of the inner critic and choose to value yourself more highly.
  5. Review your boundaries with other people, your family, with work and see what’s working or not for you and make adjustments knowing that you are worthy of creating the right space for you to feel in balance.
  6. Edit the words you use with yourself and others – are they motivating and uplifting? How do you want to feel today?
  7. Delete Electronic junk – clear your emails, files that clog up your computer and let all things function more effectively and efficiently (this is certainly overdue for me :-))

What is the Autumn Equinox on 22 September?

It is when day and night are equal and there is perfect equilibrium.  Our journey between now and then will be helping us to come back in to balance.

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