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The universal power of your higher consciousness (spirit) and your connection to Source now becomes possible so that you can embody more of your divine essence here on Earth.

2019 has arrived! We’ve crossed the threshold and it feels like we have turned a corner on to a new path. Yet what is this new path that is unfolding for you and us collectively?

We start the New Year with an equally powerful start as we ended 2018 so what is different and how can we capitalise on the energies of 2019 that will assist us to grow and evolve?

We start the New Year with a powerful New Moon in Capricorn at 01:28 Sunday 6 January combined with a partial Solar Eclipse. This is followed later in the month with a Super Full Moon with a Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 21st.

Capricorn, being the symbol of the mountain goat, is calling to bring heaven to earth, to make practical all the ideals and dreams we have and make them a reality. With Mars having gone direct on 1 January, action is certainly the name of the game.

We have the support from the heavens to get on and make the changes we want to see in our lives. This may be on a personal level, getting your body in to shape, creating a positive mindset and being a clear channel for divine inspiration to come through and take root in your life for the greater good of your community.

Harness the grounded power of Capricorn, the mountain goat, who tirelessly ascends until reaching the very top.

Taken from Astro Moon diary 2019

Make Practical Your Ideas and Dreams

So in the coming few days allow those dreams and ideas to take form and shape. Start to put them down on paper, either writing or drawing them. Create the big picture and dream BIG. You don’t need to know the details of how this is going to happen just yet. Let the Universe fill that in for you.

I’m taking the courage to dream bigger than I have ever before – choosing to up a level, no longer prepared to think small but expand in to more of my potential. I am picking up and writing my book that I started many years ago and I know there are more exciting aspects of me still to come forward and birth that will influence my offerings in the world. You can do this too when you decide and commit.

But always remember to leave room for flexibility so that spirit can fill in the gaps and create magic and optimise the outcomes for you and all. It really is a co-creative process we are in.

A powerful paradigm shift becomes possible when you commit.

This brings me on to the powerful numerology of this New Year 2019!

In numerology, 2019 breaks down to a number 3 (2 + 1 + 9 = 12 (1+2 = 3). The power of 3! There has always been a magic around the power of 3 – the Holy Trinity – Mother, Father(God) and the Divine Child and Mind, Body and Spirit.

The universal power of your higher consciousness (spirit) and your connection to Source now becomes possible so that you can embody more of your divine essence here on Earth.

Harmonising our inner masculine and feminine

In essence, this is who we are, the union of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine expressed through the birthing of the third, our divine child whether that’s an actual child or a divinely inspired ‘child’ project. This year prepares us for 2020 and beyond when we come to heal our inner relationship with our divine feminine and divine masculine so that we come from an authentic unified heart, expressing our divine inspiration.

The work has to start within. Attention must be made on harmonising our inner relationship and taking responsibility within for what is out of balance in our outer relationships.

I feel a deeper dive with my own feminine expression with owning my sacred sexuality and healing my relationship with my inner masculine. I know this is perfect time as my husband now comes home to live with us having worked away most of the week from the family home for nearly 7 years. There will be a period of adjustment for all of us. It will offer a beautiful opportunity for us to recalibrate our inner and outer relationships and come to a place of deeper love and harmony. As within, so without.

So take a look at your relationship with your inner feminine and masculine.

How do they play out in your external relationships and with the world? What do you feel most comfortable with? Where do you resist? What’s your experience of your masculine and being in relationship with men? Just become more aware and notice without judgement and with compassion what is coming up for healing.

Welcome these with a warm and open heart and the healing and transformation can begin.

Energy upgrades

With the continual stream of powerful energies flooding the planet to help us shift to a higher love vibration, we can experience intense physical symptoms These may include:

– headaches and migraine
– nausea
– back pain
– crown pressure with downloads
– vivid dreams
– flu like symptoms
– reoccurrence of old emotions
– patterns of anxiety and depression.

When these symptoms invariably occur, be gentle and kind to your self. Rest as much as possible, take yourself to bed and let yourself Be. Although uncomfortable at the time we have to continue to clear on a cellular level. I am aware that many of us do this not just for ourselves but also to clear deep ancestral wounds as part of the collective.

As with all things, you are responsible for your own health and wellbeing, so if you are concerned about your symptoms you must consult a GP or health practitioner for advice and guidance.

Practical Steps you can now take to harness the energies of 2019

1. Choose to raise your vibration

Regular meditation or spiritual energy practice is essential in keeping centred and balanced, especially empaths and anyone in the caring profession, who may absorb other people’s energies. Even good friends and family going through tough times can pull our energy and frequency down. Choose to commit to yourself to daily cleanse and consciously raise your vibration to keep you spiritually aligned with your highest truth and potential. My 12 :12 Soul Alignment Guided Meditation can help you do just that.

12:12 Light Portal for Soul Alignment

12 December (12:12 = 3:3) each year is a powerful portal when we can consciously tune in, connect and anchor more light.

I took the opportunity to make a recording of a Guided Healing Meditation and Transmission so that you can benefit from aligning your energy to the new frequencies and light codes coming in.

You can obtain this as a MP3 downloadable audio file here now and keep for life. Repeated listening enables you to keep your energy field clear and your vibrations positive and aligned with your highest truth.

2. Take an honest REVIEW of your life.

  • What really gives you joy, pleasure and fulfilment? What makes you get up in the morning and feel excited? Have the courage and faith to do more of that!
  • Is there something that has been on the back burner that is now calling to be made visible? Yes you can do it!
  • Is there a relationship, a project that has been dragging you down? Does it need to transform or change in some way to make room for more innovation? Or do you need to let go of it so something better and more aligned with the real You can come in?
  • Have you been putting up with something to keep the peace? Be honest with yourself. Do you feel uncomfortable with this continuing? Have you had enough? What needs to change, be said? What needs to go?

3. Take care of your physical body, your Divine temple

  • Choose to have more connection with nature. Mother Earth is a magnetic force and the more connection out in nature, walking in the woods, by the sea allowing the negative ions to revitalise you, the more you will help to clear your mind, receive healing and ground your ideas.
  • Take a moment to enjoy the sweetness of a winter flower or how the trees stand and the clouds move and the raindrops fall and hang as jewels on branches. Connect with your breath.
  • Slow down and enjoy the sweetness of life in each moment. Enjoy taking your favourite mug. Feel it in your hands. Savour the flavour. Be mindful of the moment and the thoughts you are choosing that create your reality.
  • What is your diet like? Is your body getting the nutrition it needs to function well? What adjustments does your body ask you to make that will help you have more energy and vitality? Consider introducing more plant-based food in to your diet. This raises and maintains a higher vibration and is a conscious way to live in more in harmony with Mother Earth.
  • Rest vs Exercise
  • Tune in to your body and feel in to what it wants. Does it need an increase in exercise like walking, yoga stretching or cardio to get the heart rate going? Would your body benefit from more rest, slowing down or a better sleep regime?

As always listen and discern. It’s an art that can be learnt. Slowing down enables you to hear and listen with clarity the messages that your body and soul are communicating to you.

I’ll leave this quote that I found. I love its precision:


Without making a decision, or commitment to action, nothing will change, the Universe cannot respond to your wishes unless you decide and act. Make alignment to your highest truth a priority so that you can hear clearly the direction you need to take.

Until we connect again, I wish you an amazing 2019.


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