The Flower of Life

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The Flower of Life

In a relaxed meditative state, focus on breathing in the symbol and this sacred geometric shape all around you to help you come to a place of inner harmony and alignment with the source of all creation.

The Flower of Life is a sacred geometric symbol, which contains all the essential building blocks of the universe that we call the Platonic solids. It is a universal symbol depicting the creation of all existence.

“Seven spheres, seven days of creation, seven notes, seven colours, seven layers of muscle in the heart, seven chakras, seven endocrine glands. This geometric pattern is repeated infinitely. It is the basis of all life. The human body or a galaxy is formed on the same basis. By multiplying the original eternal spiral, new spheres are created. In the third round, 19 spheres are made and with them the Flower of Life. This pattern takes the form of a flower, and it is an eternal process. It includes musical harmony, the range of lights, and the growth pattern of all living tissues. Each sphere has the same opportunity to develop as the original sphere. Therefore, the Flower of Life creates the Fruit of Life, which can fold its own flower. Within each sphere five Platonic solids, the union of male and female energy, direct or curved lines, two geometric matrices, which are the basis for everything real, are included.”

(From documentary “El Ojo de Horus”)

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