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Big Changes

Big energy shifts are happening in May.
This is all in preparation for the big collective changes we are all evolving towards known as Ascension, when we can live the glory and joy of Oneness when struggle becomes, ease and grace and separation becomes unity.  Of course we have been evolving back to wholeness for a very long time.  Increasingly more people are waking up and seeking new meaning to their lives. With the New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday we are building for another peak of new wave energies.  So let’s get ready!

New Moon in Taurus

We have a New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday and later that same day Uranus enters the sign of Taurus for its next cycle.  We are preparing for that individually and collectively hence the intensity at the moment. Uranus is all about BIG changes and to ‘expect the unexpected’. This planet shakes things up so you can be your most authentic self.  So watch out as something in your life begins to shift.  This will help us all in the long term to feel the freedom we’ve been asking for.

Ascension symptoms

These energies can feel intense both in positive ways when we get flashes of inspiration and new insights and energy and other times it can feel downright uncomfortable as we feel and let go of all the dense, heavy energy that has weighed us down.  This may be emotions and patterns since childhood or from past lives that are still showing up as echoes in your energy system.

I am always very sensitive to the shifts in energies and this past week has been no different.  I have been very aware of my physical body retaining a lot of water (emotions), feeling very tired and needing to rest, cleanse myself more regularly and seek refuge where I can take care of my physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  These are just some of the symptoms of the ascension process.  So are aches and pains, feeling stuck, old emotions surfacing that you thought you had dealt with, buzzing crown and headaches as you try to integrate the new download of energy.

These waves of Light will shine the light on those shadow areas so that you can gain greater awareness of the pattern, learn from it so you can eventually let it go.  These emotions and patterns aren’t to be judged but embraced, loved with compassion and acceptance for usually there was a valid reason for having this experience in the first place.  May be it kept you feeling safe and protected but that reality is no longer relevant or needed.


Make sure during this time you slow down and rest where possible, drink plenty of water, have salt baths to detox, have daily meditations or quiet times to reflect particularly as we approach the New Moon.

Being out with Mother Nature is always very healing and Taurus energy is all about our Mother Earth, connecting with her fertility, her nurturing presence and enjoying the pleasure of all your senses. May time is the peak of Spring and the beginning of Summer when all of the female and male natural forces join together to co-create.  Tap in to this passionate fertility and feel your own growth take a new step forward particularly a few days after the dark of the New Moon passes and you can see that beautiful fresh crescent moon – a time for new beginnings!

Need help?

Sometimes, we need help from other therapists and healers to help us move through these transitions more easily, to help raise our vibrations by releasing those places within us that feel stuck.  My self-care and healing is of paramount importance to my health and wellbeing.  It ensures my cup is full so that I can give to my family and clients from a place of plentiful love.

What now?

This is a big opportunity to let go of all that dense, heavy energy that weighs you down and set new intentions for what your soul and true heart is calling forwards now.

For the New Moon and the days that follow, reflect on what is important for you.

New Intentions

  • What do you wish for?
  • What’s your heart truly yearning for?
  • We are in exciting times!

And remember, please do get in touch if you would love help in returning to a place of centre and balance.

Wishing you a wonderful May
With much love

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