What’s Delicious About June?

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June is a beautiful month of vibrancy and deliciousness. I love to saviour the delicious strawberries, the soft hum of bees, birds feeding their young, the warm grass between my toes, the vibrant colours and textures and especially the wafts of beautiful scent that arrives on a gentle breeze that caresses my heart and fills me with so much Joy and gratitude for being here and living this beautiful life on Earth.

All the difficult times I have been through, the releasing of old programs and emotions, makes these days so much more worthwhile, for recognising how far I have come. For in all seasons there is a beauty and nourishment of the soul.

Take a moment, take a breath …….go ahead, saviour your favourite summer moments.

New Moon – 13th June

Before we reach the Summer Solstice on 21 June, we have the New (Dark) Moon on Wednesday 13th. We can let go and give thanks to what we no longer wish to keep and allow ourselves to open to what truly gives us pleasure and welcome more of these qualities in to our lives.

My NEW Shamanic Group on Thursday 14th 7.30pm will be an opportunity to receive healing and guidance under the New Moon. Book here.

Summer Solstice – 21st June

Then as the beautiful New Moon crescent appears in the sky, we can give energy to our new intentions as we journey forwards to the Summer Solstice, the climax of summer’s abundance when we too can claim our greatest potential and magnificence at this time.

This will be a good time to ponder – How far have you come on your journey? What are you celebrating and grateful for?

How you can celebrate?

Join with friends on the Solstice to celebrate the life giving Sun, to celebrate all good in your life or take time on your own to be quiet, to fill your heart with gratitude and give a little offering of thanks to the Earth. This may include a posy of herbs and flowers, crystals, smudging in a sacred place in nature, allowing space for prayers and gratitude to the Universe for all that is given and abundant in your life. Remembering all prayers come in perfect Divine timing and not always in the way or form we most expect!

Do come and join me in celebrating the Summer Solstice at the Highcliffe Positive Living Group on 21 June, 7.30 – 9 pm. £7 pay on the door. Details here.

Until we connect again,

Much love and joy


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