Why being connected to the Earth is important?

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How much do you consciously connect with the Earth?

Is it part of your daily self-care routine?

Why being connected to the Earth helps us to be grounded and balanced, to overcome insecurities and anxieties

So often we jump out of bed and forget to connect with ourselves and the Earth, our home.  We tend to the kids, listen to the news, scroll our news feed all the while our energy is being depleted and taken outside of ourselves.

No wonder we end up too much in our heads, out of sync with our authentic self and off balance.  It can lead us to feel stressed, chasing our tail, anxious and feeling unsafe. Our thoughts become the dominating factor. Before long we’ve lost sight of what we want to achieve and overwhelmed by what’s happening in the world.

That’s why my daily spiritual practice of meditation and connecting inwards and grounding is so important to me. I know what it’s like if I don’t do it.

If I don’t, I feel off balance, reactive rather than focussed and lack the energy and focus to get through the day.  It means if life throughs a curve ball, I am more likely to be vulnerable and affected by what’s happening around me.

Taking the time to root down and plant our feet firmly on the Earth ensures we develop a solid foundation on which to build our life.

When we are deeply rooted we have the capacity to hold more of our Divine Light because we are not knocked over by life’s challenges.

Equally, when we sink our roots down into the Earth, we open ourselves to receive Nature’s powerful life force that feeds our physical body helping us to stay strong and full of energy and vitality.

So often when I work with clients their lower chakras are depleted because they are not fully connected to the Earth. This causes them stress and anxiety and because the Base chakra is concerned with all things survival, we can hold fear, insecurity and abandonment issues through attachment to the past.  This can cause us to feel unsafe in the world and a lack of true belonging.

When this occurs, we can call on our Earth Mother to help us release that which we no longer need. She will transmute any heavy energy and compost them down just like autumn leaves.

When we consciously work with rooting and making sure we are earthed,  we feel safe and more balanced, helping us to feel more secure and confident in ourselves.

Our Root (Base) Chakra – the root of our being

Our 7 major chakras build on each other, supporting the one above and so on.

Root Chakra connects us with our sense of survival, helps us feel safe and secure.

(A disconnection here leads to symptoms of feeling ungrounded, unbalanced, physical issues with our legs and feet, also relates to our financial security)

Sacral Chakra connects us with our creative potential, our sexual energy and is all to do with our relationship with the world.

(We often hold a lot of unresolved trauma and emotions in our sacral and pelvic bowl, as this was the second chakra to develop when we were young.  As children we absorb the environment around us and we didn’t have the filters of discernment developed at that age.  A blocked sacral can lead us to feel numb, disconnected with our life force, lack of creativity and fertility in our lives and a lack of sexual energy)

Solar Plexus is our fire centre, fuelled like the energy of the sunshine, it is connected with ‘My will’, helps feel confident and have firm boundaries.

(An inbalance leaves a depletion of our digestive fire that affects our digestion of food but also the emotions we take in and digest from the outside world.  There are often childhood issues of fear of abandonment and rejection, also linked to that held in the root chakra)

Heart Chakra – is where we receive and give unconditional love.  It is where we feel compassion and empathy for another

(An inbalance here particularly for women is a need to over give and an inability or resistance to receive and be nourished, often through guilt or unworthiness)

Throat Chakra – is the higher octave of the Sacral chakra and is our centre of self-expression.  Being able to confidently express our authentic selves, whether this is speaking our truth or through creative expression.

(A blocked throat chakra often means we swallow down what we truly think and feel for fear of judgement or ridicule.  This can also stifle our creative expression)

Third Eye Chakra – this chakra connects us to our physic and intuitive abilities, helping us to discern truth and see the bigger picture with clarity

(A third eye that needs rebalancing or opening, often feels like the future is veiled and unclear and we are not so in tune with our intuition)

Crown Chakra – is our connection with the Divine, the Universe and that leads to higher chakras related to our Soul Star and the Stellar Gateway – our link to the Cosmos

(A blocked or disconnected crown chakra can feel like we have lost our way and are not aware of our Soul’s purpose in life.  It may also manifest as a lack of trust and faith in the benevolent Universe)

We can therefore see that when we have a a solid Root/Base and empowered sacral and solar plexus chakra, we can develop an inner strength and resilience, enabling our heart to feel safe to open and blossom.

Often when we start our spiritual journey we are keen to open our higher chakras – the heart, third eye and crown.  This is a wonderful way to open to Divine wisdom and inspiration and love but often the lower chakras get neglected.  Without a strong, solid foundation we  become ungrounded and unable to manifest our heart and soul desire on the physical plane.  The lower chakras tend to require more inner work and healing because they tend to carry heavier energy.  Healing, resolving and letting go of old patterns, past hurts and grievances really do free up our energy so that we can feel lighter, whilst feeling centred and grounded.

How do we Earth?

We can Earth during meditation, also walking in nature, planting seeds and getting our hands dirty in the soil.  Connecting with our wise trees are a great way to deepen our roots into the Earth, yet reach up to the sky.


Connect with an ancient tree such as an Oak.  Lean your spine against its trunk.

Breathe deep down into your belly and then into the souls of your feet.

Feel your own roots go deep and wind round those of the Oaks, taking you deeper into the stillness of the heart of Gaia.

Feel her heart beat reach up and hold you steady on your path.


Anything that consciously connects our physical body with the Earth.  Dancing and movement is another way to be grounded in our body.


Also becoming aware of what insecurities you are still holding on to from the past and investing time and energy in healing and resolving these can help you move foreward more easily.

Spending time releasing any dead roots, metaphorically speaking, in our Base chakra, helps our base energy go deeper into the Earth so we can feel more rooted and anchored.

What can you do today, this week to bring more rootedness into your life?


Mother Earth is always waiting to hold and nourish you. All you need do is ask with an open heart.💖

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