Sonraya Grace

Unity of the Heart – Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine

Date: 15th June 11am - 2 pm

In this workshop we will be working with the Spring energies of Beltane and the rising energies of passion, sexuality and fertility that springs from the union of the female and male forces. We can see this all in nature with the surge of sap and abundant growth. We are at a time of expansion and peak growth and this is a great opportunity to captilise on this energy before it is spent.

In this workshop we will be supporting union on all levels. We will create space and intention for a new balance and union in our inner and outer lives, communion with our Soul and Spirit, the parts of yourself that are ready for integration and specifically with your sacred feminine and masculine dancing to a new rhythm, helping to release any resistance to self-love and embracing these sacred aspects of yourself so that you can create greater harmony, balance and intimacy with your external relationships - friendships, partners and your lovers.

There is a sense of welcoming renewed passion and allowing our sexuality to rise, to be felt and be embraced.

The workshop will specifically include:

- Creating sacred space for your healing and support

- Exploring the key area where you are out of balance and that needs support

- A guided Drum Journey to connect, heal and embrace the sacred feminine and sacred masculine aspects of yourself and facilitating unity

- a beautiful Magdalene Unity of the Heart Blessing

I am both delighted and priviledged to say that Mary Magdalene was fully present throughout the workshops I have lead, guiding us with her love, wisdom and healing. So it is truly a beautiful sacred space that we share in co-creating and unity.


'It was truly beautiful. Thank you so much Sonraya' Gemma

'What a beautiful space you created for us today - meditation, journeying and soulful.’ Babita


This workshop will take place at Sonraya's home in Lower Parkstone, Poole

Spaces are limited so please book early.


£30 pp bookable and payable in advance.

Please email Sonraya at [email protected] to enquire and book your place.

Sonraya is a Rainbow Light Weaver and Spiritual Teacher specialising in Unity on all levels, helping to heal the trauma of separation and to help you return to balance and unity. Her 20 years work in the field of spiritual development includes working with the Goddess and weaving these energies with the Medicine Wheel in shamanic practice. She works to heal the Ancestral Mother and Father lines so we can embrace our authentic sacred feminine and sacred masculine energies in Unity.