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Walking the Labyrinth with the Gongs


Walking the Labyrinth with the Gongs - Bringing Soul to Earth


Saturday, 4th June 2016 10.00 am – 5.30 pm (arrive from 9.30 am and an option to stay later)

Venue: Gaunts House, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 4JQ

Walking The Labyrinth With The Cosmic Sound of Gongs

This is a day of sacred ceremony for women - walking the sacred Labyrinth in the peaceful grounds of Gaunt’s House whilst bathed in the cosmic sounds of the Gongs – BRINGING YOUR SOUL TO EARTH.

Scania and Sonraya Grace, bring together their magic and experience for you to come together, to rest within a profoundly safe and loving space, to heal, to let the veils of illusion, the roles that you perform, to drop away so that your I AM Goddess presence, your true, authentic, feminine essence, can emerge and fully be allowed to bud and blossom.

The Labyrinth is an ancient Goddess symbol and was used as a ‘rites of passage’. It is a single pathway that leads to the centre. Today it is used for meditation, healing and contemplation. The Labyrinth has the portal to reveal to you what you cannot always see. It allows you to walk with grounded awareness, to release, to let go and to become more self- aware and connected to the natural world around you. It has the potential to offer new insights about you and receive self-activated healing that can facilitate powerful new choices and change.

In this ceremonial day, we join with the Labyrinth creating a conductor to bring the Cosmic Light through the sound and vibrations of the Gongs through each of us in to the Earth.

We lead this day in preparation for the New Moon on 5th, supporting you to gently let go and embrace change within you and ultimately in your lives. Powerful energies are b building up to the summer solstice on 21st June, a time of rapid expansion on many levels. Astrologically we are blessed with the energies of Venus, the planet of the Goddess and will have the Venus frequency with us via the Venus Planet Gong. As we begin to emerge and reveal our true feminine essence we will be helping all our sisters and brothers to do the same, bringing more balance and union in the world.

The Day includes:

The morning we will begin with preparing our intent for the day, understanding the journey we are to make and dropping deep in to a guided shamanic journey with drums and the Gongs to assist you in this process. The day includes a delicious vegetarian lunch provided by Gaunts House and refreshments during the day.

After lunch we will each walk the Labyrinth in the grounds of Gaunts House, a beautiful and peaceful space where the spirit and magic of nature is very evident. You will each take time to walk the labyrinth, at your own pace, whilst soothed by the sound of the Gongs, taking you deeper in to your own inner experience. The group will find its own flow and rhythm. You will be able to sit around the outside of the Labyrinth holding space and focus, meditating when you feel it your time whilst supporting through meditation others walking the labyrinth. As you leave the labyrinth there will be an ancient blessing to ground you to your intention.

We gather back to close our time together with ceremony, which will complete the day part.

After the workshop you are warmly invited to join us around the Fire Pit, located near to the Labyrinth, to chat through the day and experiences supported by the group energy and continue your connections with like-minded souls. Then drift off when you feel the time is right. If you would like an optional extra of staying on for dinner at Gaunts let us know and we can book you in.

We have created the time for:

- Being part of a women’s group, safe and secure, with likeminded souls;

- Letting go and giving space for your true feminine essence to flower

- The magic of sacred ritual for modern day times

- Walking the labyrinth, being connected to yourself, all of nature and the universe

- Being a conduit for bringing Cosmic light to Earth

- Grounding your soul to earth, so you can experience more flow, grace and peace in your life.

Scania is the custodian of a collection of gongs and feels complete when tuning into the energies of these powerful frequencies. Work life has been eclectic; I started off my career in Los Angeles with Entertainment Lawyers whilst living in Hollywood. I then moved back to the UK became a mum of two kids and then was head of PR at award winning outdoor sports brand I then upped sticks and changed tack to follow my new vocation in life coaching, Ethical PR and Brand Identity Consultant, nutrition and the ancient mystery disciplines of reflexology, massage and Sound Healing which ignited a passion which grows ever more focused with each person I meet and exchange time with. My love for the Gong and its healing journey in my life has brought forth an album. For more details about Scania visit

Sonraya Grace loves the magic and rhythms of the Earth and Sea, and this is where she feels most at home. She has been working in the field of personal and spiritual development for over 18 years, is an Intuitive Healer, with her roots in Shamanism. She is also a Priestess to the Goddess and has facilitated Walking the Labyrinth retreat days and Feminine empowerment workshops over the last few years. She especially loves to support women to come home to themselves and embody their true feminine essence.

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- A journal or notebook

- An offering for the Labyrinth and the Earth

- An offering to the Guardian Tree of the Labyrinth

- Something to sit on the ground

- Comfortable clothing and layers to deal with our English weather

To Book:

Sonraya Grace: email: [email protected] Tel: 07802 769030

Cost: £80 per person (includes lunch and refreshments) Non-refundable deposit: £40 Balance payable: 31 May 2016

Via PayPal or by direct bank transfer (please request details)

No refunds once balance paid

(Concessions available upon request for those with low income)

Deposit or Balance £40.00

Full Payment £80.00