Calm in the Eye of the Storm

“Staying calm and centred supports not only you but the people around you”

During these times of global crisis with the Coronavirus each one of us is personally affected. We are experiencing great change which is having a huge impact on our energy system and physical and emotional wellbeing.

It is most important is to keep your energies clear, grounded and aligned with your centre so that you can maintain strong energetic boundaries. This boosts your immune system and keeps your outlook positive and clear and full of light.

To that end I have come up with some NEW offerings at different price ranges to support you in looking after yourself and creating the best out of this situation.

Use this time to retreat, to reflect upon your life and recreate something new for yourself and your life.




A 90 minute session online in the comfort of your own home via Zoom conference system.

Online event includes:

  • A gentle ‘connection’ meditation to create a safe energetic space to relax and ground you
  • We set some intentions so the healing energy is focused
  • I then lead you on a guided magical Journey for healing and transformation


  • Release negativity, heal, receive guidance and wisdom from your higher self and spirit guides
  • Feel peaceful and calm, relaxed, balanced and grounded and discover amazing insights about your current path

I will be channelling the:

  • Cosmic energies of the Angelic realms, magical Unicorns of pure light and magic, Earth and her Elementals as well as helping you connect with your power animals to bring you strength and resilience
  • Spirit will guide me on what is needed for each group that comes together so you know that you will be in the right place and at the right time!!


Suggested exchange is £10 paid in advance either by direct bank transfer or Paypal.

It’s a drop in class so just book for the session you are interested in.

To Book:

To book please email me at [email protected]

Payment is via bank transfer email me at [email protected]

Alternatively Paypal (friends and family) email: [email protected]

Please use reference: name/date of session

If you are struggling financially at this time and you would really like to attend please let me know. A small donation in exchange is much appreciated.

Once I’ve received your payment please join my Email list below and I will forward you the Zoom link and instructions to join. Thank you

I look forward to welcoming you.

  • " I’m looking forward to next week, it was so needed and was such a wonderful meditation. I felt such deep healing and love. Thank you Sonraya"

    Karen Smiley Online Healing Meditation

More Healing Session Offers for April 2020:

90 minute Shamanic Soul Journey Healing Session x 3

woman at peace in forest

To deepen the embodiment of your feminine power and wisdom

Your deeply healing and transformative Shamanic healing journey.

This Journey process will support you to create a positive breakthrough in your life that leaves you feeling empowered and ready to rise up in the Spring. This will include coaching, exploring and understanding the root cause, healing and alchemy.

Breakthrough Package:

For 3 x 90 minute sessions PLUS

Bonus Special

  • Your free 20 minute Womb Healing Meditation to further support you.
  • Ongoing email support throughout the Journey.

Your Investment

3 sessions £222 (normally £399) .

Paid by bank transfer or Paypal.

All sessions to be taken by 15 May. Please get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

60 minutes Unicorn Healing Zoom online / Telephone session x 1

angel with orbs of love

Create the New You

Clearing the way for your Dreams in 2020

Energy Healing to leave you feeling Clear, Balanced and Aligned with your Soul
With Hi-vibrational cosmic energies including magical Unicorns, reconnecting with your Atlantean past and Orbs of Love from Venus.

Your Investment

Only £44 (normally £88 per hour)

Pay by bank transfer. Paypal on request.

Rainbow Light Weaver & Spiritual Teacher

woman meditating outdoors

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I offer you a loving space to gently guide you back home to your true self, to a place of clarity, inner knowing and peace. I specialise in empowering women to be all that you can be.

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