Hi, I am Sarah Sonraya Grace. My family and close friends call me Sarah, whilst for my work people know me as Sonraya.

I love all things bright and beautiful. I love Nature in all its glory. The Earth is a very grounding and inspiring force in my life and I love to celebrate the changing cycles and draw on the Earth’s wisdom for my own healing and other people’s healing.

I am a Cosmic surfer too, loving all things mystical and magical. Being a Piscean I love water and I am blessed to say I live with my family, by the expansive Ocean and the rich abundant wildlife down on the Dorset coastline in Poole.

Since a child I have always been in awe and wonder of Nature and creation itself, enjoying the myriad of animals and birds coming in and out of our garden and my special apple tree that always gave me great comfort when the world felt too big to handle.

Sonraya Grace paddling at a beach

I first began my career in human resources in the financial city and by the late 1990’s, I was specialising in training and development which was to become a key turning point in my life. I became aware of the real meaning of choice and started to explore what I really wanted from my personal and professional life.

I began to delight in a whole new journey of self-discovery healing old wounds from my suppressed childhood and gradually seeing my life in a new way. I trained as a NLP practitioner and group facilitator and became experienced in helping people in the organisation deal with deeper issues than just their time management.

Later on, as a result of a car accident I suffered severe whiplash which was to be the catalyst for me to discover the benefits of healing and later on my own healing and spiritual gifts.

In 1996 I left the corporate world all together to pursue my passion for healing and to set up my own healing business.

In 2000 I gave birth to our lovely daughter and in 2004 our beloved son. Becoming a Mother although challenging at times, has been a wonderfully empowering experience.  It continues to provide me with one of the richest playgrounds for learning about myself and relationships in general.

Over many years I have been on a whole range of healing courses and workshops for my own personal and spiritual development including; the wonderful College of Healing in Malvern, Worcestershire where I completed their three year Healing Diploma in 2000.  I learnt all about how the Universal energies work and how to use them for the benefit of others and the planet.  It was deeply healing for me too.

Then I did the marvelous two year Goddess course to awaken my feminine power.  This is where I reawakened my passion and dedication to the Earth and found my journey was deeply rooted with hers.

I then went on to explore the Native American Indians way of living and their respect for all life. I have worked very deeply in a shamanic way, to heal and integrate my light and dark.  It is this deep healing process that has given me the greatest spiritual growth and realisation of who I truly am.

I now enjoy and trust life’s rich abundance and wish to help others realise their soul’s gifts and live their dream here on Earth.

From having integrated all that I have learnt I have created my own unique way of working, allowing my soul’s energy and gifts to flow forth creating something special and unique for each person.

I love to support and empower others to discover their truth, to connect with their divine essence and the full flowering of their potential. My greatest passion is empowering the Divine feminine, to bring much needed healing and balance in relation to the Divine masculine and thus create unity within ourselves and our world.

This has and continues to be a rich and bountiful journey for me, with many twists and turns which I will look forward to sharing with you.

I believe you have all the resources you need within you. It is simply a journey of remembering who you truly are and unlocking your divine power that you are inherently born with.

I look forward to connecting and journeying with you.

Sarah Sonraya

spiral shell

Sonraya’s healing courses and experiences

  • Rose Alchemy with Sandy Humby – healing the wounds of the sacred feminine and coming in to Unity
  • Network Spinal Anaylsis with Thrive – intense treatment programme to release old patterns held in the body and to facilitate the embodiment of my Soul October 2014 ongoing
  • Received the Munay Ki Nine Rites of Initiation – October 2014 to January 2015
  • Ongoing one to one Shamanic Soul Retrieval and shadow work and healing journeys 2007 to date
  • Post Graduate course with The College of Healing Working with Negative Energies October 2009
  • Divine Healing Master Key Levels I & II Nov 2008 & Jan 2009
  • Divine Healing Master Key – Messages from the Body Nov 2009
  • A HOPI Ear Candle Treatment Practitioner – Certificate attained October 2007
  • Initiated as Priestess of The Goddess – completed a two year Priestess of the Goddess course 2003.  Initiated as High Priestess to the Goddess Sophia, Divine Cosmic Mother June 2005
  • A Kamadon Master of the Melchizedek Order, Hologram of Love, as taught by Alton Kamadon 2001-2003
  • In March 2003 I went on a spiritual pilgrimage with Alton to Egypt and the Great Pyramids and Sphinx. As well as our own personal healing of karma we were also involved in planetary healing
  • A Full Member of The College of Healing. Attained a Diploma in Healing 2000 -3 year course www.collegeofhealing.org
  • A Master Teacher of Magnified Healing with Lady Kwan Yin
  • A NLP Practitioner and Time Line Therapist 1996
  • Two year Development Programme in Facilitation Skills 1995

I am fully insured for individual and group healing and courses through Balens Specialist Insurance Brokers and I am a Full Member of The College of Healing.

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