Some of the testimonials I have received from attendees at my Sacred Feminine, Soul Alignment and Healing Workshops.

  • "Sonraya is very relaxing to have as a teacher, fun, informative and supportive. She enjoys the experience with you and that shows great passion as well as experience. I would recommend this course as a way to connect, appreciate your femininity and an ongoing group is a great idea."

    Sarah Sacred Feminine Workshops attendee
  • A truly beautiful day with unconditional love surrounding us all. Finding more truth in a loving and nurturing environment.
    Sonraya you are a wonderful woman, thank you so much. Namaste.

    Helen Mother
  • Thank you Sonraya. As always, it was a beautiful and powerful day and I feel sure it will facilitate the desired shifts and outcomes

    Moriah Ama Hope
Beautiful women, honest, raw and open. Sonraya is so gracious providing a safe and supportive space. Magnificent energy. Feeling open, alive and willing to receive. Highly recommend!

    Donna, Bournemouth
    Donna, Bournemouth Spring Goddess Retreat Day
  • "The Programme has allowed me to come in to my power as a woman knowing what that means to me personally and for women worldwide. Thank you for a wonderful 9 Months and a fabulous Retreat – for all the work you put in to making these times so special and meaningful."

    Tara Sacred Feminine 9 Month Programme Attendee
  • An interesting journey with a deep sense of unconditional love and acceptance.  I feel serene and at peace.

  • I felt nurtured and given space to plumb the depths of my soul.  Beautiful meditations.  Thank you for a wonderful day.

  • Sonraya is a powerful facilitator of sacred journeys, creating spaces of peace and loving support in which healing and integration can occur at a deep level. Her 'Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine' workshop was a turning point in the process of writing my first novel - renewing my commitment to 'channelling' the voices of my characters and receiving their stories, rather than trying to enforce my own agendas and hang-ups on them. This helped me find the confidence to break taboos, face my fears of letting the Sacred Feminine voice be heard, and write openly about female sexuality and pleasure instead of dodging the subject and making obscure hints!
    The energy created from this process also helped me to take decisive action to break free from a toxic online relationship that was leaving me feeling drained, exploited and frustrated. I would thoroughly recommend Sonraya and look forward to working with her in the future.

    Gemma Author and Consultant, Southampton
  • I have been to a number of moon meditations and had sessions one to one with Sonraya. I have benefited hugely from all the sessions, they have gone very deep and have been life changing.
    This is all new to me. I met Sonraya and instantly took to her. She is a wise, sound person that I felt I could trust. She is very professional, knows her area extremely well instilling confidence, I have always felt in very good hands. I would highly recommend working with her.

    Penny Poole
  • The Labyrinth day is one of those life-changing days and it will stay with me forever.

  • A beautiful day with many profound experiences and loving support and friendship. A day that will stay in my heart and memory for a long time.

    Sue F
  • A deep day of connection, place of tranquility and learning shared with likeminded beautiful souls in a wonderful space. Thank you for holding the space Sonraya and for bringing this to fruition. I honour you.

    Anka Harris
  • The Pinnacle of Atlantis workshop was an amazing experience.  Sonraya guided us through this professionally and with her care for each of us.  I felt comfortable and supported.  Sonraya is such a lovely and kind person.  I am looking forward to attending her next workshop.

    Marion Pinnacle of Atlantis Workshop
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