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Unicorns have come to me many times over the years in my healing journeys and meditations, often unbidden, knowing that their purity of Love was needed to heal my heart and assist others.

In 2017 I answered the call to participate in the most beautiful healing day with the Unicorns, led by Channel and Spiritual Teacher, Diana Summer. We did some amazing work individually but also planetary as we opened up Portals with the higher dimensions so that they could come and go easily. There is much celebration as they now bring much joy and Light to the Earth plane. It was here that I connected with my beautiful Rainbow Unicorn who has asked me to work with him in service of others and the planet.

Unicorns are magical beasts of magnificent Light of the highest purity of Love and they have been flooding in to our consciousness for sometime now to assist our ascension process. We are now ready to receive their help.

We see them in abundance in children’s books, clothing and accessories with the Unicorn children’s party being the current theme of our time reminding us of our lost magic.


Unicorns come now to raise our consciousness and to remind us of the wonders of our true and untamed Spirit. Unicorns give us the magic to ‘believe’ again and remember!

Unicorn Healing Sessions

As I merge with the spirit of the Unicorn, powerful radiant sparkling and shimmering Light will pour forth from the horn, cleansing, clearing and releasing, flooding you with Light through and around you.

  • We help to clear the Well of Doubt at your heart chakra and the Well of Fear at the base of your cranium
  • You will be enveloped in pure Light that quickly and gently dissolves the heavy energy that is ready to be released and that otherwise keeps you stuck in old patterns and traumas.
  • You may find this healing will bring up past life memories or blockages now surfacing to be released, it could be implants from the past, thought forms placed there by others to prevent your progress.
  • Unicorn energy can help to release you from your illusions so you can see again with clarity.

People describe their experience as feeling much lighter, happier, joyful, and playful with a deep Love that is reignited within their hearts. Magic begins to happen!

The Unicorns would love to share their pure Love and Light and are looking forward to sharing this very special healing with you.


60 minutes – £88


Available face to face in my Healing Sanctuary in Poole and over telephone and Skype.

Contact me today to arrange your Intuitive Healing with Unicorns.

Unicorns, unicorns, unicorns, hear our call, come be with us.

You hear their light hooves come riding silently, their mane flowing with shimmering Light, their magnificent horn glowing, the touch of their sweet breath.

They greet you with great love and friendship, as if you have known them for all time.

They have heard your call for help and they are here

Their magnificent beauty and grace surround you in sparkles of magical shimmering Light

The untamed spirit of freedom has arrived to remind you of joy and innocence and the purity of your own heart.

You see their magical horn glowing with Light, shimmering with rainbow colour. Their horn, all knowing and seeing, illuminates and dissolves the fear that you still carry.

So gentle yet clean and precise.

Their presence reassures you. You feel comforted. You feel strong.

The magical You awakens and remembers once again what it is like to play and dance with a heart full of love and joy.

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