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Hello, I am Sonraya.

Through my own personal and spiritual journey of over 20 years I have developed a unique healing process that is both powerful and transformative.

I guide you gently back to your true nature, to your sacred heart, to feel confident to express your true essence with joy and freedom.

You will find a safe and loving space where I help you align with your true passion and heart’s calling.

I help you connect with your inner resources to find your confidence, strength and inner wisdom and balance.


How I Can Help

You are likely to be a woman going through huge changes in your life or perhaps you feel stuck in relationship or with your work or just not enjoying life like you know you could be.

Maybe you’ve lost confidence and direction and you are looking for something that will reignite your passion.

Let me help you discover your inner joy and radiance that I know you possess. Release those limiting thoughts and beliefs and reconnect with your many gifts and talents.

Let me help you find your inner joy!

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Women’s Shamanic Power Drum Circle



4 & 18 November 2021

Wise Woman Winter Retreat Programme

Connect with your Wise Woman and your Inner Temple,

The Retreat, New Forest, Hampshire

20 November and 11 December 2021

  • Sonraya is one of those rare people you consider yourself fortunate to meet ‘once in a lifetime’. I cannot recommend Sonraya’s gifts and abilities highly enough to you and I know that you will find connecting with her a positive and life-enhancing experience, as well as an absolute joy!

  • Thank you Sonraya for your wonderful presence and creation of a a safe, non-judgemental and loving environment.  I have recently been through a huge upheaval in my life and meeting Sonraya has been a wonderful positive influence. 

    Lia Poole
  • Your healing session brought me bright lights and made me feel calm and clean as if a rebirth was beginning deep, inside of me.  It has given me inner strength to continue and set a foundation to start rebuilding my life and help to focus on the important things in life. 
    Thank you for your kindness, patience, honesty and love that shone with each word and action.  You and your work are magnificent - thank you.

  • The Pinnacle of Atlantis workshop was an amazing experience.  Sonraya guided us through this professionally and with her care for each of us.  I felt comfortable and supported.  Sonraya is such a lovely and kind person.  I am looking forward to attending her next workshop.

    Marion Pinnacle of Atlantis Workshop
  • It was a very special day and it was so lovely to reconnect with such an important part of myself that I had be neglecting recently. Beautifully guided journeys from Sonraya. It left me wanting more!

    Pauline Sacred Feminine Introductory Session
  • "Sonraya has a vast expanse of knowledge that she is able to share in an incredibly intuitive and supportive way.
    I've found her guidance and intuition invaluable on my own healing path.
    Each of her workshops have been well thought out and designed to reach out to fullfil each person's needs.
    I have just attended the Pinnacle of Atlantis workshop and honestly cannot find enough words to express how powerful the day was.
    Amazing as always Sonraya, thank you."


What I Offer:

shamanic drum

Earth Shamanism >

The beat of the Drum calls you home to your true Self.

Powerful Shamanic journeys.  Groups and 1-to-1 sessions.

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Healing Mind Body & Soul >

Divine Grace to align and embody your Soul. Clarity, balance and peace.

1-to-1 sessions and meditations.

woman inhaling scent of dew

Sacred Feminine >

Awaken your authentic Feminine power and wisdom.  Release old beliefs and trauma.  Feel empowered to express your soul’s magnificence.

Embrace your full


Rainbow Light Weaver & Spiritual Teacher

woman meditating outdoors

Meditation Resources >

  • Reawaken Womb Wisdom
  • 12:12 Soul Alignment
  • Fire Ceremony

Guided Meditations are a beautiful way to connect back with yourself, heal and transform your life.
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I offer you a loving space to gently guide you back home to your true self, to a place of clarity, inner knowing and peace. I specialise in empowering women to be all that you can be.

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