Women’s Circle 3 Month Programme for Autumn-Winter 2019/20:

Journey through the Seasons and Cycles of the Earth to deepen your heart connection to your feminine essence and wisdom and rise up confident and empowered ready to live your true expression of yourself.  

Join a small circle of women for a series of three full-day workshops in the New Forest.

Additional support during the three months in the form of three Sacred Healing Online Circles using Zoom plus a one-to-one session with Sonraya. Further details below.

moss-covered tree roots

Dive Deep, Rise Rooted

Workshop Overview

Do you struggle to stay positive as you enter winter darkness?

Many people find the long dark nights and low light in winter difficult to deal with.

I want to offer you a different experience, one that is nourishing, healing, empowering and awakening. For this is your true nature as woman – to rest and replenish in the womb of the Mother and in our own inner cave of alchemy.

These are essential ingredients we need to cultivate as women to prepare us for a loving and an abundant spring. It is one that honours our natural rhythms and cycles and flow in life.

Join our sacred circle of women, to dive deep in to the darkness to reclaim the love of your wise, wild woman.

Programme includes:

  • 3 x full day workshops 10-5 pm over Nov-Jan this year
  • 3 x 1 hour Sacred Healing Circles held on Zoom between each workshop to support and nourish you on your journey
  • Includes a 2 hour One to One Healing Session to deepen your healing and awakening at 50%

Sunday 3 November
Sunday 8 December
Saturday 11 January 2020
Plus dates tba for the Zoom circles on a weekday evening.

Venue: The Retreat, New Forest, Hampshire

The Sacred Healing of a Women’s Circle

Through my own journey and deep experiences I have learnt to truly value the benefits of working with a circle of women.  We naturally tap in to the feminine archetypal wounds that we all carry and help each other heal and move on.

The safety of the group means we get to learn to receive as well as give, to surrender our vulnerabilities and let go and be held. I wish all women to experience the beauty of their sisterhood as a journey home to self.

Note: Over the course of the 3 month journey you will be asked to continue the sacred work in your daily life to support your progress e.g. journal work, simple ritual, setting up sacred space and may include bringing certain items to work with on the next workshop day together.

Benefits to you:

  • Be held and empowered as you descend in to winter darkness as you are welcomed in to the womb of the Dark Goddess
  • Feel nourished and nurtured as you prepare for an abundant spring
  • Heal your mother and father ancestral lineage and feel empowered by their wisdom
  • Learn feminine embodiment practices to reclaim your womb and heart wisdom to feel more love, confidence and trust in yourself
  • Deepen your connection with Mother Earth and your wild nature through beautiful rituals and healing with the surrounding land, nature spirits, ancient trees and their tree spirits
  • Experience deep shamanic drum journeys that connect you with your power animals and spiritual elders to assist your healing and transformation
  • Feel nurtured and supported by your sisters, learning to receive as well as give.
  • Space to dream and sow new seeds of hope and vision that will be nurtured during the dark cycle ready to be reborn in the spring.
  • Womb and Sacral chakra healing, coming home to your inner wisdom, intuition and deep knowing.
  • Awakening your creative self through movement, dance and calling on nature around us to inspire our creative expression.

What to bring:

  • Your lunch and water for the day
  • Your Journal
  • Items for the sacred space such as crystals, jewellery, something that represents your Mother and Father lineage, winter foliage as discussed
  • Yoga mat, blankets, cushion and whatever you need to feel really comfortable and cosy.


The Retreat, New Forest
Lyndhurst Road, Hinton
Christchurch BH23 7EF


The Retreat is easy access from London and there is also beautiful overnight accommodation available if you decide to extend your stay for a nourishing and relaxing weekend close on the doorstep of the New Forest and the sea.


£399 to include One to One

Space is limited so that I can give personal attention to each of the women that come. Please email me at office@sonrayagrace.com


Non-refundable deposit of £60 to claim your space.

Payment in full by bank transfer by 25 October or if paying by agreed Payment Plan:

1st Payment by 25 October,
2nd Payment by 29 November,
3rd Payment by 3 January 2020

How to book

Please print off the PDF and return to me by email – office@sonrayagrace.com

Further Seasonal Journeys for Women (following 3 Month Journey) will be offered for Spring, Summer and Autumn 2020 and is likely to include a weekend retreat in Glastonbury or Avebury.

About Sonraya

My journey with the Sacred Feminine has been a deep and rich experience and continues to offer me opportunities for further soul embodiment and expression. My spiritual work with women has also been my focus for 20 years or more, holding space and a loving heart to help women welcome themselves home to their true selves. It is a journey of remembrance and I love to weave and create sacred space to help you do just that. I am a catalyst for change co-creating alchemy with spirit, helping you to transform and awaken you to your golden heart centred self, grounded and rooted in truth.

I have been initiated as High Priestess of the Goddess through a 2 year training course back in 2000 which re-ignited my love of the Earth and my journey to awaken the Sacred Feminine within me and others. This has been a journey to heal the wounds of the feminine and also my masculine so that I can come even closer in to sacred union with myself. I am privileged to be a channel for Divine inspiration and healing with a passion to awaken and facilitate a sacred union within from which all flows.

  • A deep day of connection, place of tranquility and learning shared with likeminded beautiful souls in a wonderful space. Thank you for holding the space Sonraya and for bringing this to fruition. I honour you.

    Anka Harris
  • Sonraya is a rare jewel in this world. She is gifted, giving, real and realistic, genuine, kind, honest, loving, connected and so very wise. After attending a series of her one-day workshops in such safe, natural and peaceful surroundings, I feel and know that I have experienced an extraordinary shift; following decades of wrangling with a very difficult relationship and dynamic, I feel as if I have emerged into the light.
    It is as if a boulder has been rolled away and the light is shining into a cave I hardly knew I had trapped myself in; my full light, my shining me, the purity of my childhood self is free to breathe and dance again! Thank you from my heart and soul, Sonraya. You facilitated this. You made it possible. And you are incredible.

    Jane J
  • A beautiful day with many profound experiences and loving support and friendship. A day that will stay in my heart and memory for a long time.

    Sue F
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