This retreat day for women is designed to help you connect deeper to your sensual and sexual nature.

Through social conditioning women have lost touch with their sensual nature. Our bodies and sexuality have become distorted and so as women many of us have learnt to ignore and suppress this side of our true nature.

Our sensual and sexual nature is in fact our raw life force. When we are connected to our life force we feel alive, joyful, free and passionate. We are in flow. We become an embodiment of our true feminine power and expression of that in the world.

Date of workshop:  Saturday 20 April 2019

Time: 9.45 for 10 am to 5pm

Sarpenela Natural Therapy Centre,
Farnham Farmhouse, Farnham
DT11 8DG

Further information is given below.

Workshop Overview

This retreat day for women offers a safe container for you to reconnect and begin to explore your sensual and sexual nature again or continue the journey of reclaiming your primal passion and life force.

It is time to heal the stories around our sexuality so that we can be free to fully express our true nature.

The day offers a safe and confidential space to receive nourishment and healing and explore the beautiful, rich and sensual aspect of your self.

I welcome Caroline Tennent from Heartfelt Dance who will be holding space with me and will be guiding us in movement and dance during the day.

deep red flower blossoming

The day includes:

  • Beautiful healing meditations and simple exercises with the breath to develop your feminine awareness and presence, including Womb breathing and healing
  • Receive nourishment and healing through a shamanic drum journey to connect with your feminine wisdom and begin to heal any distortions around your sexuality
  • Awaken your sense of play through joyful exploration of the senses
  • Increase self-awareness and connection through dance and movement that will be led by Caroline Tennent from Heartfelt Dance. See what she has to say below about Dance.
  • Feel safe and confident to express your true nature

Benefits to you:

  • Feel more in touch with your body and your bodily sensations
  • Learn to love and accept all parts of your body
  • Listen and trust what your body is communicating to you and therefore trust in your intuition
  • Feel free to express more of yourself and move through life with renewed passion
  • Develop safety in your body, a place where you come back to feel centred and connected
  • Feel more grounded and connected to Mother Earth to bring balance and feel safe and secure within your self.
  • Begin to heal your sexual stories and conditioning
  • Awaken your potent life force so you feel in flow with your passion and purpose

What to bring

  • Lunch and water
  • Journal and pen
  • Something that represents passion or a sensory object that highlights this for you eg flowers, crystal, image.
  • One or two items of personal empowerment for our sacred space such as crystals or jewellery to receive the energies of the day for when you return home.

Additional Information

Sarpenela rests in beautiful landscape where the air is sweet and the land peaceful so this is an ideal space to feel nourished and to connect more deeply with your feminine rhythm.

Directions to Sarpenala

How to Book

Places are limited so please contact me soon to enquire and book your space.

Contact me via to enquire and book.


£85 payable in advance by bank transfer.

Spring Offer: When you book and pay for 3 retreat days, you receive them for £231 (a saving of £30).

PLUS a One to One Transformational Healing session for just £55 if you book and pay by the end of May – One to one session may be booked up to the end of June 2019)

lane near Sarpenela Natural Therapies Centre

Caroline from Heartfelt Dance shares:

Dance is a wonderfully healing process. We can all dance, whatever age, whatever shape, however inexperienced/ experienced, however mobile, we all have the ability to move in some way.

It’s not about being a ‘good’ dancer, whatever we perceive that to be, it’s about moving in a way that’s true to ourselves. Through our dance we aim to get out of our head, leave the ego behind for a while and really get into the body and to let it express what is needed. To release and let go of what’s not needed and to feel what ever needs to be felt.

There’s no judgment and no right or wrong, just be yourself and see what emerges.

  • Thank you Sonraya. As always, it was a beautiful and powerful day and I feel sure it will facilitate the desired shifts and outcomes

    Moriah Ama Hope
  • An interesting journey with a deep sense of unconditional love and acceptance.  I feel serene and at peace.

  • I felt nurtured and given space to plumb the depths of my soul.  Beautiful meditations.  Thank you for a wonderful day.

  • The Labyrinth day is one of those life-changing days and it will stay with me forever.

  • A beautiful day with many profound experiences and loving support and friendship. A day that will stay in my heart and memory for a long time.

    Sue F
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