Sacred Labyrinths has been used since ancient times as a powerful ‘rites of passage’. It creates an energetic pathway of the seven major chakras with space to commune with the Divine at the centre. The Labyrinth is laid on the Earth and we decorate with flowers, herbs and crystals.

You are invited to walk the pathway that is a gateway to your own inner journey, creating opportunity for your deep reflection, magical transformation and expansion.

This can be created for a small group of people on request, at a venue in the New Forest for example.

Please get in touch to discuss creating a beautiful day for you and your friends.

Further information on the experience (details are from previous workshops) is given below.

Workshop Overview

This is a beautiful, sacred day to honour the Goddess within, to bring balance and wholeness as you embrace the dance of your feminine and masculine in sacred union and ultimately in union with the Beloved, your spirit and soul.

We will create a sacred pathway with the intention to bring you into balance and unity with your sacred feminine and sacred masculine and to facilitate your own Sacred Marriage within your heart.

As you unify and expand your sacred heart, you will feel naturally create love and harmony in all your relationships and mostly importantly yourself and Spirit.

The heart field becomes an even more powerful magnet to attract all of your heart desires.

Beginning of May is the peak of Spring. We celebrate the Festival of Beltane, the sacred union of the God and Goddess with its potency and abundant fertility. These energies will support our unity and expansiveness on all levels.

I will be holding you in a safe and loving space, channeling the beautiful and loving Divine presence of Mary Magdalene and Jesuha (Master Jesus) who will bring their love and wisdom through during the day and the Sacred Marriage Blessing. We will also be supported by the Mother Earth, Gaia, the Four Sacred Directions, the Elementals and also the Angelic realm and Ascended Masters – helping us to embrace, ground and embody our wholeness.

Workshop includes:

  • Guided meditation and healing to connect with the wisdom and love of your inner feminine and inner masculine
  • Create ceremony and sacred intention for the Labyrinth with gifts of flowers and crystals for the Earth
  • Sacred anointing of the feet in preparation for walking the labyrinth
  • Space to walk the Labyrinth on your own and in your own way whilst held within sacred space
  • Your own Sacred Marriage ceremony and blessing facilitated by Sonraya
  • We will conclude the day with inner reflection and guided meditation to integrate the changes on many levels.

Benefits to you:

  • Create movement and balance in your life as you heal and transform aspects that need releasing
  • Receive healing, new insights and awareness as you walk the labyrinth to inspire you on your journey
  • Deepen the connection with your sacred feminine and sacred masculine so your soul gifts can flourish
  • Expand the love potency in your sacred heart – magnify your intentions and open to more abundance.
  • Enjoy the beauty, peace and sacredness of this special day of nourishment for you
  • Learn how to create a seven-turn sacred Labyrinth
  • Safe space to share and receive support with a beautiful group of women

What to bring

  • Lunch and water
  • Journal and pen
  • An offering to Mother Earth in gratitude for her abundance and fertility eg flowers, foliage or greenery, crystals that you wish to give away
  • One or two items of personal empowerment that you would like to put on the Sacred Labyrinth, such as crystals, photos or jewellery, when you walk the Labyrinth.


Please contact me for prices.

Please note there are no refunds with less than 14 days notice unless your space can be filled. No refunds with less than 48 hours notice.

lane near Sarpenela Natural Therapies Centre
  • Thank you Sonraya. As always, it was a beautiful and powerful day and I feel sure it will facilitate the desired shifts and outcomes

    Moriah Ama Hope
  • An interesting journey with a deep sense of unconditional love and acceptance.  I feel serene and at peace.

  • I felt nurtured and given space to plumb the depths of my soul.  Beautiful meditations.  Thank you for a wonderful day.

  • The Labyrinth day is one of those life-changing days and it will stay with me forever.

  • A beautiful day with many profound experiences and loving support and friendship. A day that will stay in my heart and memory for a long time.

    Sue F
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