Celebrate the Birthing of your Potential

The Spring Equinox is a potent time in the Wheel of the Year, a day when light and dark become equal in length.  The sap is rising, buds are swelling and there is a surge of fertility as the land is becoming awash with colour and new growth.

Date of workshop:  Saturday 23 March 2019

Time: Arrive 10 am for refreshments. Retreat runs 10.30am to 5 pm

Sarpenela Natural Therapy Centre,
Farnham Farmhouse, Farnham
DT11 8DG

Further information is given below.

Workshop Overview

This retreat day for women celebrates this change and the change that has been gestating deep within you since your journey in to winter.  We call forth your dreams and all that is ready to emerge in to the light.

We move from the centre of our spiral that we entered during the winter months for deep healing and we emerge triumphant with new colours, energy and renewed faith and optimism.

We reflect on the balance of your life and make any changes to let go of any threads that may hinder you so that you can move forward with ease and in to purposeful action towards your hearts desires.

This retreat day for women is to celebrate the birthing of your dreams and who you are now becoming.

spring blessings and candle

Workshop includes:

  • Simple exercises, guided healing meditations and shamanic drum journey to awaken and call forward what’s ready to be birthed.
  • Create our own beautiful spiral in the room for us to each walk to the centre, to gather our inner resources and support from Spirit, to emerge renewed ready to spring forth in to the light.
  • Grounding your new vision of yourself.

Benefits to you:

  • Feel the love and support with your sisters as you journey together.
  • Celebrate how far you have come on your journey.
  • Explore what needs rebalancing in your life.
  • Experience an energetic shift as you come in to balance within your centre, your inner light and dark, your feminine and masculine, your inner and outer selves.
  • A day of nourishment, sacredness and joy as we experience our own rebirth.

Additional information

  • Please bring your lunch and water for the day.

  • Herbal teas available throughout the day.

  • Your journal and pen.
  • There are thin yoga mats, cushions and sheepskin rugs to lie on.  Please bring additional throws to cover yourself during the lying down drum journey.

  • Please bring sacred items for our sacred space that represents spring and the potential that is rising within you eg crystals, spring flower, jewellery.

About the venue

Sarpenela Natural Therapy Centre in Blandford rests in beautiful landscape where the air is sweet and the land peaceful so this is an ideal space to feel nourished and to connect more deeply with your feminine rhythm.

Directions to Sarpenala

How to Book

Places are limited to 6 so please contact me soon to enquire and book your space.

Contact me via office@sonrayagrace.com to enquire and book.


£85 payable in advance by bank transfer or Paypal.

lane near Sarpenela Natural Therapies Centre
  • A wonderful enriching experience bringing to attention the unexpected in a beautiful and peaceful way.  Thank you Sonraya. 

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