As a woman you are naturally connected to the waters of the Earth and their natural ebb and flow that is governed by the Moon. We feel the pull of these powerful waters in our emotional and physical bodies.

To deepen your connection with these natural Moon cycles I am now offering Sister Moon circles online so they you can join in with other women to feel the support of sisterhood and receive healing and guidance for the next moon cycle.

Dates of workshop:

New Moon on 4th February 2019

Full Moon on Wednesday 20 February 2019

Time: 1930 – 2100 hours (UK time)

Outside the UK? Find the time in your region:

How to Join: Sign up for the Moon Circle and I will send you an invite and instructions to use Zoom (see below).

Upon signing up you agree to the recording of the sessions which will be shared among members.  All members agree to being responsible for the confidentiality and safety of the information disclosed.

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The Moon Circle includes:

  • Understanding of the current energies and Moon cycle
  • A safe space to share and be supported
  • Very often we have similar issues and needs that can help us have a better understanding of our own issues
  • Receive a Guided Healing Meditation that will take you on a journey to let go and harness the powerful blessings of the Moon.
  • Be part of a hologram of healing that means as one person shifts it affects the whole creating greater opportunity for transformation than if you were doing this on your own.

Benefits to you:

  • You stay attuned and committed to developing a strong connection to your natural flow, rhythm and desires
  • You ride the tidal waves of change with more ease and grace
  • Dedicated time and space for you to come back to your heart, to release and let go of stress and old patterns and set new intentions to manifest for the next cycle
  • Feel supported by your sisters that in itself brings comfort knowing you are not alone
  • Opportunity for new friendships to flourish

How to join

Date: 20th February 2019
Sister Moon Circle will start with the New Moon on 4th February that is also the beginning of Imbolc, the Celtic Festival of Awakening and connecting with the Goddess Brigid (Bridie) of the Sacred Flame.  We will continue this moon cycle and connect again on the Full Moon on 20th..

This first two Moon circles will be free as a trial and to see how this would work and to get your feedback. Please sign up below.

Venue: Zoom online accessible on your desktop or by phone

Note: Internet connections can sometimes be unstable which may be a local issue to you.

Recordings will be available
We plan to record the Group call so if you can not make it live then you can still sign up to receive the link and can watch the replay.

If you have any queries, please contact me via [email protected]

The initial part of the circle will be with video (although if you prefer to have this turned off you can).

I will guide you on a Healing Meditation/Journey and the video will be turned off during this.

During the Meditation you can choose to lie down and relax or sit back in a comfortable chair while you are guided on an inner healing journey.

I am really excited to support you in this way and look forward to connecting with you soon.

Join Sister Moon Circle Online:

I will send you details of the first session and reminders for future moon cycle online events.

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