Weekend Retreat to the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury

A Weekend Retreat for you to nourish your soul, heal your heart and awaken you to the rhythm of your full Divine feminine essence.

Experience the magic of Avalon, the heart chakra of the world, as she calls you home to rest in the heart of the Goddess, to return to a place of self-love and acceptance.

Feel the ancient wisdom of this mystical landscape weave its magic as you fall in to the footsteps of your ancestors and you remember your true reason for being.

This Retreat is for a small group of women who are ready to journey deeper to discover the mysteries of their own feminine power and presence and to receive the blessings and love from deep within the heart of the Goddess.

Dates: Saturday 29, Sunday 30 June and Monday 1 July

Venue: Healing Waters Sanctuary

Further information: Pricing, Accommodation and full schedule are below.

Workshop Overview

Summer is the time when everything in nature comes to fruition, comes in to full bloom. There is abundance available on all levels. The sun is high in the sky, there is light and warmth and is the season of joy and celebration.

This special weekend offers the ideal time for you to enjoy the blossoming of your own true nature and expression of your feminine potential.

This is a calling of the Sisters of the Sacred Rose, to heal the wounds of our hearts and mothering and to awaken and reclaim our sacred truth that lies in the heart of our Sacred Feminine in balance and union with our Sacred Masculine.

The power of the Goddess is fully present in the undulating landscape of the Isle of Avalon and it is as we walk and commune with her that we come to rest in the gentle heart of the Goddess, letting go of all that is not love and reclaiming your feminine power, love and beauty – your true sovereignty.

2019 offers a fresh opportunity to connect with the new vibrational frequencies now available on the planet.  The sacred sites of Avalon anchor these light codes and are ready to be gifted to you to upgrade your divine blueprint so that you can live from your highest truth.

Benefits to you:

  • A deeply healing and nourishing respite from the stress of everyday bringing a deepening of self love and inner peace
  • A deeper connection to the Goddess and her magic and mysteries, helping you to understand your own soul’s path and wisdom
  • A deeper connection to Mother Earth and her ancient wisdom, aligning with her rhythms, feeling at one with her heartbeat, feeling her in your bones
  • A deeper knowing and trust in oneself and what is calling your heart forward
  • Awakening lost ancient wisdom
  • Receive new vibrational frequencies to upgrade your divine blueprint as we connect at each sacred site
  • Feel more balanced and grounded
  • The healing effects following this weekend will continue for sometime, helping you to deepen your embodiment of your feminine essence and self-expression.

Workshop includes:

  • Much of this weekend will be out on the land for this is where we can commune with the Goddess energy more readily and receive her wisdom.
  • We will visit the sacred sites of the White Spring for a water initiation and to commune with the Goddess of Water and the Chalice Well Gardens making time for prayer, contemplation, thanksgiving, meditation and powerful initiations with the Goddess and God, as embodiment of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, remembering that we are unified in wholeness.
  • We will climb the Tor and make our pilgrimage at the top, celebrating with song and drum.
  • We will visit the Abbey grounds in the centre of Glastonbury, the sacred place of our Lady Mary and ask to be received in to the heart of Mother Mary.
Sonraya near the Sacred Yew
  • There will be space to share and be supported as well as time for your own contemplation and stillness.
  • We will enjoy the tranquillity of the Healing Waters Sanctuary as a base for our sacred retreat and be nourished with wholesome locally produced, vegetarian food prepared by Healing Waters own chef.
  • Throughout the weekend you will be held in the loving presence of the Goddess, the Divine Mother. The nature spirits of land and water will weave their magic, bringing timely blessings and healing. Merlin, Alchemist and Magician of this sacred land, will also be our Guide and Gatekeeper and protector of the spiritual and physical realms. Together with these powerful energies, Sonraya will be holding you and guiding you on this beautiful journey.

Who is this for?

This retreat is for a small intimate group of women who feel called to embrace a deeper connection to their own Divine feminine and feel drawn to do this in the spiritual centre of Glastonbury, knowing that the magic of the Isle will take you to deeper places of healing, alignment and ultimately sacred union.

What to Bring

  • Offerings for the sacred sites:
    • Goddess and God shrines at the White Spring, the Chalice Well Gardens, The Tor, Lady Mary Chapel at the Abbey.
    • Offerings may include: crystals, flowers, herbs, coloured ribbons, tea lights, something natural
    • A donation for the White Spring
  • Sturdy walking shoes for walking the Tor
  • Layered clothing
  • Towel for the White Spring
  • Your drums and rattles if you have any

More details will be provided nearer the time.

Additional Information

The ancient Isle of Avalon lies within the small town of Glastonbury and is steeped in mystery and magic with the legends of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Throughout history it has been the place for spiritual pilgrimage.

It is now a well-known spiritual centre that is considered the heart chakra of the world.

peach coloured rose

How to Book

There are limited places so please contact me soon to enquire and book your space.

Contact me via [email protected] to enquire and book.


Prices are based on a small intimate group of between 5-7 women.
A minimum of 5 people is required for this retreat.

Cost: £777 per person

Non-refundable deposit of £250.

Payment plans can be discussed on application. Balance required in advance of Retreat.

Special Offer: £666 per person, if booked and paid 31 May 2019


Non-refundable deposit £250 payable by bank transfer or Paypal (please note Paypal fee applies).

Balance payable by bank transfer:

Payment plan available.
Final payment 2 weeks in advance of Retreat

Payable by bank transfer or by Paypal (Paypal fees apply).

Subject to terms and conditions

Next Step

Please contact me to express your interest and book a free telephone consultation.

Booking Form and Terms & Conditions


Your Package includes:

  • Exclusive use of the Healing Waters Sanctuary during your stay.
  • Two nights’ accommodation with breakfast for Saturday, Sunday and Monday
  • Delicious wholesome vegetarian meals for Saturday lunch and dinner, plus Sunday dinner
  • Ongoing support, healing and guidance as Sonraya holds a safe and loving space for you throughout this weekend’s retreat
  • Includes Private access to Chalice Wells Gardens and the White Spring

Your Package excludes:

  • Entrance to The Abbey (£8 per person)
  • Donation to the Volunteers of White Spring (suggested £5-10 per person)
  • Small Donation to the Goddess Temple
  • Lunch on Sunday and Monday
  • Any personal extras during your stay and visit to Glastonbury
  • Transport to and from Glastonbury
  • Special dietary requirements (£5 pp per full day)


  • It was a wonderful weekend of magic, love and challenge. Thank you for making it so special and meaningful. I have come in to myself as a Goddess and woman in my own right.

  • Sonraya is a powerful facilitator of sacred journeys, creating spaces of peace and loving support in which healing and integration can occur at a deep level.

  • I met Sonraya and instantly took to her. She is a wise, sound person that I felt I could trust. She is very professional, knows her area extremely well instilling confidence, I have always felt in very good hands. I would highly recommend working with her.

  • A wonderful enriching experience bringing to attention the unexpected in a beautiful and peaceful way. Thank you Sonraya.



Beautiful Bed and Breakfast accommodation central to Glastonbury:

Healing Waters Sanctuary and B&B
1 Roman Way


Healing Waters is a light filled peaceful sanctuary that sits on the St Michael ley line. There are beautiful views of The Tor and the Somerset plains from the veranda at the back of the House. It is about a 15 minute walk to Chalice Wells Gardens and the foot of The Tor and about the same in to Glastonbury town centre.

Check in: 1 pm Saturday 29 June
Check out: 1 pm Monday 1 July

Meditation Room
deck outside Healing Waters B&B

Accommodation includes:

  • 1 single room, 2 x twin rooms both overlooking the Somerset Plains (one room on ground floor)
  • 4 x single beds to a large room.
  • Two Shared bathroom
  • Yurt and Meditation rooms

Our group has dedicated use of Healing Waters Sanctuary during our stay.
Note: Special diets can be catered for with at least 4 weeks notice and a small additional cost.

dining table

Full Schedule for Our Retreat

Saturday 29 June

12.00 midday Arrive at Healing Waters

1.00 pm Group Lunch

2.30pm – 4.30/5 pm Workshop Session

  • Intentions and setting up group energy for the weekend
  • Meditation/Journey to meet the Goddess of Avalon
  • Sharing and support

6.15-8 pm  Private access to the Chalice Wells Gardens – Goddess Initiation and Meditation at the Well Head

8.30 pm Evening meal at Healing Waters

Sunday 30 June:

7.30 -8.30 am Breakfast

8.45 am Group meditation

9.30 am Visit the Abbey, Lady Mary Chapel

Meditation, Prayer and thanksgiving

Visit The Goddess Temple in the town centre

Lunch (payable locally)

Afternoon – free to explore and experience the sites and sounds of Glastonbury on your own or return to the Sanctuary to enjoy rest and stillness.

Regather as a group.

4.30 -5.30 pm Private access to the White Spring with Water Ceremony and Initiation

6.30 pm Evening supper at Healing Waters

Monday 1 July

7.30 – 8.30 am Breakfast

8.45 am Group meditation and sharing

9.30 am Walk up the Tor – Accessing the energies of the Michael/Mary Lines

Ceremony and celebration with song and drum

Lunch out (optional extra at Healing Waters Sanctuary)

Please be aware these times are given as a guideline and the order of visits may also change depending on circumstances, spiritual guidance received and best outcomes for the group.

Please ensure you are able to stay for the whole of the weekend retreat otherwise this can be disruptive to the group. Thank you.

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