Winter is a time to withdraw within and feel again the pulse of life that is slow, restful and regenerative.

Leave behind your everyday and enter the magical realm of your inner sanctuary where you can rest, let go, be nourished and begin to dream in to being all that you desire.

Date of workshop:  Saturday 8 December 2018

Time: 10.30 am to 4 pm

Sarpenela Natural Therapy Centre,
Farnham Farmhouse, Farnham
DT11 8DG


Further information is given below.

Workshop Overview

Are you a woman who would love to feel more in your feminine flow, more receptive, in tune with your natural rhythm?

You know already that you need to spend quality time with yourself but struggle to always find time in your busy life. 

Are you ready to dive deep to experience more of your true essence?

I warmly invite you to take a day out from your busy schedule, to gift to yourself, this time and space, to bathe in Divine Love and Grace, to rest and be deeply nourished, to heal and let go.

This is a gentle and deeply healing day where we reflect on what has been, release that which you no longer need, journey deep to be nourished and receive the wisdom of our Elders, the Grandmothers of ancient wisdom and all time and prepare to receive the energies for 2019.

The Cosmic Divine Mother and the ancient wise ones, known as the Grandmothers, are calling you home.  They welcome you in to their arms, to sit, to receive and to be deeply nourished, allowing all resistance to Love to fall away as you come back to your beautiful, authentic self.

Deep within, you will connect to all life and your feminine creative power from which all flows, dreaming of who you are to become in the forthcoming spring season.

Workshop includes:

  • A safe and loving space to let go and be supported
  • Beautiful meditations to guide you home to inner peace along with shamanic journeys with the drum to connect with your inner wisdom and power and the wisdom and healing of your Elders
  • We will also work with the Dark Mother, Cerridwen, Keeper of the Cauldron of death and rebirth. She is the wise Crone, an aspect of yourself and the Cauldron, the feminine chalice of alchemy and transformation, to gently release and let go, allowing stuck energies to gently fall away and be transformed with Love.
  • Healing the Mother/Father ancestral lines to bring peace, balance and freedom to you and your ancestors
  • Grounding your ideas and visions

Benefits to you:

  • Feel deeply rested and nourished
  • Feel supported as you share with your like-minded Sisters in community and heartfelt connection
  • A different perspective with a deeper sense of who you are.
  • Lighter, as you release and let go of heavy energy, completing cycles so that you start 2019 with more space for who you are and what you truly want in your life
  • Space to dream and sow new seeds of hope and vision that will be nurtured during the dark cycle ready to be reborn in the spring.
  • A deeper connection to your feminine power and wisdom

What to bring

  • Your lunch and water for the day
    (We have access to a kitchen should you wish to warm up any food)
  • Your Journal
  • Items for the sacred space such as crystals, jewellery, something that represents your Mother and Father lineage

Additional Information

Sarpenela rests in beautiful landscape where the air is sweet and the land peaceful so this is an ideal space to feel nourished and to connect more deeply with your feminine rhythm.

Directions to Sarpenala

How to Book

There are limited places so please contact me soon to enquire and book your space.

Contact me via to enquire and book.


£77 payable in advance by bank transfer.

  • A wonderful enriching experience bringing to attention the unexpected in a beautiful and peaceful way.  Thank you Sonraya. 

  • A powerful, magical, extraordinary and heart and mind opening experience. Sonraya is beautiful and incredible.

    Janey Johnson
  • A deep day of connection, place of tranquility and learning shared with likeminded beautiful souls in a wonderful space. Thank you for holding the space Sonraya and for bringing this to fruition. I honour you.

    Anka Harris
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