Women Circles

In this half-day workshop I use my experience from 20 years of my own personal and spiritual journey and the wisdom of empowering other women.

Embracing your feminine potential could powerfully transform your life, just like it has for me. 

“We laugh, we cry and we celebrate together. Everything is welcome here.  There is a loving space for each of us to share our thoughts and feelings and for everyone to feel listened to without judgment.”  Sonraya

What is it to be an empowered woman?

When your raw power and love courses through your veins such that you no longer care what people may think of you.

You speak from the heart, passionate about life, creation and all that connects us together.  You believe in yourself and this is what gives you power.

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  • Are you a woman who is searching for something more in your life?
  • You feel there is something missing, something more of your power and creativity that wants to rise and be expressed.
  • Like many women, you are a woman who has struggled to value yourself and stand up for what you want.
  • You would love to experience a deeper self-love and acceptance and develop a healthier balance and harmony in your relationships.

The Women Circles workshop runs 4 times a year. 

Next dates & times: To be confirmed.

  • "The Programme has allowed me to come in to my power as a woman knowing what that means to me personally and for women worldwide. Thank you for a wonderful 9 Months and a fabulous Retreat – for all the work you put in to making these times so special and meaningful."

    Tara Sacred Feminine 9 Month Programme Attendee

The benefits of attending

  • Understand what is the sacred/divine Feminine
  • Find out where you may be in or out of balance in your life
  • Connect in with your feminine and begin to understand her needs and desires
  • Understand the importance of the Wheel of the Year to connect and align with your own feminine rhythm and power.

What to Expect

  • Experience a drum journey to connect with your guides and begin your healing journey
  • Understand the importance of the Wheel of the Year to connect and align with your own feminine rhythm and power.
  • Work with the seasonal rhythm of Earth – Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter
  • An outline of my 9 Month Programme if you want to explore further
  • Time for questions and answers

How to Book

Please contact me if you’d like to pay by bank transfer, or use the PayPal buttons on this page.

Cost for the Workshop

Single booking: £35 payment via PayPal:

Bring a friend?

The cost for attending the workshop with a friend is £60 payment via PayPal:

Venue Details

Sarpenela Natural Therapy Centre
Farnham Farmhouse, Farnham
DT11 8DG

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