An extended, fully-supported 9-month programme for a limited number of women who are completely committed to transforming their lives.

The Programme starts in November each year and consists of 8 full-day workshops, a 2-night residential in June, 3 one-to-one healing sessions plus other support.

I call this extended programme Birth Your Sacred Feminine – A Call to Power!

The Sacred Feminine is the energy within us and the Universe which creates life itself. 


Too late to sign up?

If you have missed joining the programme running Nov 2018 to July 2019 but are interested to know more, please contact me.

I also run Let Your Power Rise! This is a half-day workshop and Women’s Circle I run 4 times each year to introduce women to the ideas within the 9-month journey.

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Explore my pages explaining how the programme runs, what it consists of and how you will benefit:

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