Join me at my online event via Zoom

Date of workshop:  19th March 2020

Time: 7.15pm – 9.15pm

This online event via Zoom is an opportunity to align with the upcoming Spring Equinox, a time when the energies of day and night, light and dark become equal and to bring a powerful new balance to you and your life.

spring blossom with insect

Online event includes:

  • Creating a safe Spring Equinox Sacred Space, opening our hearts to connect with the powerful Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Great Spirit and their elementals plus the beautiful Goddess Ostara of Fertility and Renewal
  • Review Life Map exercise and share highlights. Set intentions.
  • Powerful guided Healing Journey where you will be guided to release, rebalance and heal any imbalances in your life allowing space and openness to new growth, inspiration and opportunities
  • Finish with an Oracle Reading for two people

How to Book

Booking only in advance.

£22 per person

Payable by bank transfer please PM or email at [email protected] for details or Paypal ([email protected] Friends and Family only to avoid PayPal fees)

Once booked you will receive an email confirming your attendance along with a Zoom link to join the Call. You can join Zoom either via your phone or computer/laptop.

Additional information

Please bring:

  • Candle
  • Something represents Spring and/or balance in your life

Looking forward to welcoming you to this beautiful evening of celebration and healing.

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