Sacred Circle with New and Full Moon

Embody your Feminine Radiance

Special Event:

Autumn Equinox Celebration

22 September 7.30- 9.30 pm ONLINE 

A 2 hour session online in the comfort of your own home via Zoom conference system.

On this powerful day of the Autumn Equinox, of equal day and night, we focus on bringing ourselves in to balance and harmony, in flow and alignment with our Source and the rhythms of the Earth.

“Awaken your feminine power and live a life of joy and fulfilment “

Being a woman I know how important it is for us to stay connected together for support, inspiration and self-nourishment and healing. Even more important during these times of great change and transformation that we can feel the support of the group’s energy to uplift, rise above limitations and to ascend in to higher frequencies of vibration that brings each of us more love, peace and acceptance.

These nourishing circles empower you to come in to greater flow and balance in alignment with the Moon phases. They are currently held every fortnight around the New and Full Moon so that you can receive healing and support to guide you in to deeper connection with your inner wisdom and feel centred in your feminine power.

Online event includes:

  • A gentle ‘connection’ Meditation to create a safe energetic space to relax and ground you
  • You each have the opportunity to share your intentions to bring focus and power to the group healing energy
  • We often include a New or Full Moon ritual to empower the release of old energy and to magnetise what you desire.
  • On this day of the Autumn Equinox we will look at what needs to be honoured and released in your life, allowing you to come back in to balance and harmony and in alignment with your highest purpose at this time.
  • We will create our own sacred ritual to honour the turning of the Wheel (I will let you know what items to bring to create your own sacred space in your home)
  • I then lead you on a Guided Journey to meet with your guides and spiritual team for healing and to receive guidance to aid your transformation


  • Release negativity, heal, receive guidance and wisdom from your higher self and spirit guides
  • Feel peaceful and calm, relaxed, balanced and grounded and discover amazing insights about your current path
  • Often women say they experience deep insights about their current life path, helping to release limiting patterns, beliefs about themselves, to let go of painful emotions and bring love and forgiveness to disharmonious relationships, transforming their lives so they are living more consciously and in alignment with their soul’s path.

I will be channelling

  • These sessions are divinely inspired and energetically aligned to the high vibrational universal energies that are pouring on to our planet at this time. Each session is channelled according to divine guidance and my intuition.
  • We will be supported by the powerful energies of the sacred Rose lineage including our beautiful patron and teachers and guides Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Goddess Isis, the Cosmic Mother who help us to stand in our power and speak our truth.
  • We will also be supported by other higher angelic beings, the consciousness of the Star Nations, as well as the Earth, Gaia and her powerful Elementals.


£22 paid in advance either by direct bank transfer or Paypal.

To Book:

To book please email me at

Payment is via bank transfer email me at

Alternatively Paypal (friends and family) email:

Please use reference: name/date of session

Once I’ve received your payment please join my Email list below and I will forward you the Zoom link and instructions to join. Thank you

I look forward to welcoming you.

  • " I’m looking forward to next week, it was so needed and was such a wonderful meditation. I felt such deep healing and love. Thank you Sonraya"

    Karen Smiley Online Healing Meditation
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