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This is a powerful time of year as we begin our descent into the darker months of the year. This is very much a Yin time, an opportunity to nourish our inner world and lay to rest those things that no longer serve us. To rise up and feel empowered to take forward our mantle into the world.

Will you join me to journey deep to retrieve your power and gifts during the dark phase of winter?

What magic does await you? What is your gift and medicine for the world?

We are each called to share our medicine, our gifts for the new world we are creating together.  It’s time to stop playing small and know we are more than enough!  Let our courageous bravehearts radiate Light out in the world.

Come join me for a Three-part Journey starting 21 December.  Join for one or more sessions, building on each one as we journey together through the powerful dark phase of Winter, preparing you for a vibrant Spring.

During these times of global change there is a need for balance and unity that calls for a new kind of woman one who is empowered and ready to align fully with her sovereign self.

The Sacred Feminine is calling for us each to come into balance, to heal and let go of the old hurts and belief patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation, so that we can be a beacon of light and strength for our self, our families, our community and our beloved Planet Earth.

As we heal and become whole, our Light brings radiance and joy to the world.

We are the leaders, the pioneers, the change makers, the nurturers of our new world that we are creating, a balanced and unified Earth. It takes patience, dedication, a whole lot of love and compassion and a group of loving soul sisters to be the way showers in this world.

Let us dive deep into winter to allow ourselves rest and replenishment, sowing new dream seeds in the fertile cosmic womb.


NOW is the time to call women together in sacred circle ready for some important and powerful healing that will align us firmly on our path of power.

The Great Council of Grandmothers say

“this is the time when women must truly value themselves, their power, their voice, their beauty and sovereignty to become the shining lights that restores the balance in our world”.

This is a Call to Power…. a time to heal our collective ‘separation’ mindset and embrace both our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in union.

It is now that we must embrace our authentic power and align with our Soul’s path. As we journey through the dark phase of Winter we gather our inner resources and rest in the Source of infinite potential waiting for our rebirth.

We stand firm and strong as women together, the embodiment of the Divine Feminine.  As we rise together, we create a powerful ripple in the collective consciousness.

Online Workshops

I am offering online workshops that take us on a journey through Winter, starting with the Dark Moon on 23 November, followed by The Winter Solstice celebrations on 21 December (postponed), the 11:1 January Portal and celebrating our rebirth with Imbolc on 1 February 2023.

These sessions will focus on letting go and awakening our potency, preparing us to step up and become courageous in following our hearts calling ready for receiving the energies of 2023.

We will focus on embodying our womb wisdom and heart, rooting down and bringing our power and unique life force through our heart centre.

The Grandmothers are powerful and wise and are ready to hold us through these great changes to bring us strength and nourishment.

We will meet on these dates via Zoom online conference system. There is great power in journeying and supporting sisters together.  If however you miss a session, you are welcome to catch up on the recordings.  So never feel you miss out on this powerful healing and transformational journey.  A whatsapp group will be created so we can keep in contact in between sessions.

About the Sessions

As women over the years we have shut ourselves off from our powerful source of energy and wisdom. Now we need to unlearn the habits and create freedom that’s born within.

Because the womb stores the energetic imprint of every intimate encounter and experience, the true creative power and voice of the heart/womb connection is often distant, muffled or ignored. This affects your clarity and potency and how you express yourself and create in the world. We will be letting go and creating from a new place of spaciousness, beauty and wisdom. 

Full list of Dates:

7.30-9.30 pm on Wednesday evenings  on Zoom (see below for the Three Dates)

Wednesday 21 December – Winter Solstice Sacred Celebrations – **Postponed**

Rest in the Magic of Stillness.  Welcome the New Light. Activate and align with new light codes coming in on the Solstice.

Wednesday 11 January 2023 – Rest and Receive.  Activate your 2023 vision. Nourish your dream seeds.

Wednesday 8 February 2023 – Imbolc Celebration and Rebirth

Benefits to you:

On this online Journey you will have the space and focussed energies to deeply heal and transform old ancestral and karmic patterns, self limiting beliefs of fear, shame, persecution, hurts and sorrows that block you stepping into your full potential as woman and Queen.

We will hold the intention of the embodiment of your Divine Feminine sovereignty in balance and unity with your Divine Masculine.
We will focus on healing and clearing the Womb, the chalice and source of your feminine power and creativity
Celebrate the potency of your  womb space so that you can know the voice of your womb and make choices from this place of power  (you do not need a physical womb to enjoy a deep connection with your creative power centre)
Heal the wounds and patterning that has come down through your mother/father lineage drawing on the lessons and wisdom so you can reclaim your own energy and feminine power so you can shine bright and co-create from your fertile centre
Allow you to firm up your boundary and energetic space so that you act from a place of inner certainty and radiant power that is in alignment with your soul’s path
As you clear, you allow the fullness of your womanhood to emerge and blossom come the Spring.

Wednesday 21 December/Winter Solstice:


  • Winter Solstice Celebration
  • Sacred Circle – Storytelling, Sacred Prayers
  • Guided Meditation

Wednesday 11 January 2023

  • Guided Meditation: Grandmother Weaver and Grandmothers of the Stars
  • Creating a new reality, a new dream
  • Connect with the web of light and your place within the web.
  • Personal healing and Light activation

Wednesday 8 February 2023

  • Celebrate Imbolc with sacred ritual
  • Guided Meditation with Goddess Brigid to receive healing, the Sacred Heart Flame Initiation
  • Sacred circle – sharing and support
woman in a cape looking out over hills

How to Book

To book please first email me at office@sonrayagrace.com


Online Zoom conference system
Recordings of the Guided Meditations/Journeys will be available for 14 days after the session.


£25.63 pp

Book on Eventbrite: £25.63

Or contact me to book via bank transfer. £25.00


Pay on Eventbrite (Eventbrite fees payable).


If you would like to purchase my new book: Mother Earth is Calling You – Winter Wisdom this will support your Journey through Winter. Publish 12/12/22.

Order your copy from Amazon, Waterstones and other major book outlets. (RRP£15.99 plus P&P).

Alternatively, you can buy direct through me to receive your signed copy for £15 & P&P UK .  Via bank transfer or Alternatively £15.99 plus P&P via Paypal.me/SonrayaGrace.

Join my Book Launch and Blessing online on 13 December 7 pm.  On Zoom.  Sign up here and get your invite.


In the unfortunate circumstance you need to cancel please give written notice at least 7 days in advance for a full refund.

Once you have committed to the whole journey, and have started, no refunds are available.

  • Thank you Sonraya for your wonderful presence and creation of a a safe, non-judgemental and loving environment.  I have recently been through a huge upheaval in my life and meeting Sonraya has been a wonderful positive influence. 

    Lia Poole
  • I have been to a number of moon meditations and had sessions one to one with Sonraya. I have benefited hugely from all the sessions, they have gone very deep and have been life changing.
    This is all new to me. I met Sonraya and instantly took to her. She is a wise, sound person that I felt I could trust. She is very professional, knows her area extremely well instilling confidence, I have always felt in very good hands. I would highly recommend working with her.

    Penny Poole
  • "Sonraya has a vast expanse of knowledge that she is able to share in an incredibly intuitive and supportive way.
    I've found her guidance and intuition invaluable on my own healing path.
    Each of her workshops have been well thought out and designed to reach out to fullfil each person's needs.
    I have just attended the Pinnacle of Atlantis workshop and honestly cannot find enough words to express how powerful the day was.
    Amazing as always Sonraya, thank you."

  • Thank you Sonraya. As always, it was a beautiful and powerful day and I feel sure it will facilitate the desired shifts and outcomes

    Moriah Ama Hope
  • I felt nurtured and given space to plumb the depths of my soul.  Beautiful meditations.  Thank you for a wonderful day.

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