Re-awakening your Womb Wisdom & Power Meditation

This Womb Wisdom Guided Meditation gently guides women to connect and reawaken their womb power, helping you to awaken your creativity, sexuality and harness your intuitive feminine knowing.  Gentle drumming helps you to feel healed and nourished by our beloved Earth Mother.

Why is the womb important in reclaiming our feminine power?

The womb is the powerhouse of our creative energy.  She is the container for our primal life force and in Chinese medicine the womb (or hara in men) is considered our second power centre and brain.

She is the Keeper of all life, the Cauldron of death and rebirth, she is the source of our full feminine expression.  Whether this is giving birth to physical children or what we call ‘children projects’, all seeds are sown within the fertile energy of the womb.

Our wombs carry all our experience of relationships, both positive and negative, at a cellular level and as a result much unresolved emotions and trauma can be held here affecting our ability to hear the true authentic voice of our intuitive knowing.

With loving presence and heartfelt compassion, we can gentle let go of old energy, forgive past relationships and begin to reclaim our power and awaken our passionate life force once again.

How you will benefit

  • Begin to let go and heal old hurts, unworthiness, fear, shame, guilt
  • Increase awareness of where you may be ‘leaking’ energy so that you can firm up on boundaries in relationship
  • Feel relaxed and nourished
  • Regular practice will help you feel calmer, connected, more grounded in your being

When we start reconnecting with our womb old emotions and physical sensations and symptoms may surface as part of the natural healing process. Please get in touch if you need further 1:1 support.

You may find it more enjoyable to wear headphones.

If you need any further support following this Meditation, please get in touch via email: [email protected]


You are responsible for seeking medical advice when it is appropriate and that this guided meditation in no way replaces that or guarantees any change in health or wellbeing.

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Reawaken Womb Wisdom & Power
Guided Meditation
from Sonraya Grace

Running time: 35 minutes / Cost: £10

(After paying you will be taken to a webpage to download your meditation file.)

Practical tips

  • Make sure you allow enough time to fully benefit from this meditation
  • Listen where you will not be disturbed in a relaxed environment (DO NOT LISTEN while you are driving or operating any equipment)
  • You may like to set some intentions around what you would like help with, or what you wish to let go of during the healing meditation
  • Drink plenty of water afterwards to flush out any toxins
  • Make sure you are fully grounded and in your body after the meditation and before you go about your daily business.
  • I have since purchased the 'Reawakening your Womb meditation' and this is my new daily meditation and my favourite, as I can really focus on developing my connection with the divine feminine and my body.  It’s also opened up my clairvoyance abilities, which have definitely become more frequent/ clearer visions and images when meditating.  This meditation I would recommend to anyone that is too much in their head space trying to solve issues with the intellect, instead of connecting to the earth and listening to within.  Since doing this meditation daily, I generally feel more calmer and I am able to perceive things differently, with more clarity and less in reaction mode.

    Caroline Baker
  • I was feeling disconnected from myself, my kundalini energy and my feminine essence. I had pretty much closed down. I could feel I had contracted. Aware of trauma that needed to be healed I spoke with Sarah and she recommended I try her Reawaken Womb Wisdom and Power Meditation as part of this healing. Sarah has a very supportive, soothing voice and her gentle, powerful feminine wisdom takes you on a journey into your womb space accompanied by gentle drumming. It was empowering to reconnect with my womb, to see, listen and feel into what was present and find what needed to be released to enable me to start to expand once more. This is a meditation I know I will need to do more than once to really reap the benefits.

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